Monday, December 29, 2008

Breaking the photo limit while using Windows Live Writer and Blogger

As we all know, Blogger uses Picasa Web Albums to store any image that we upload in our blog. It creates an album with the same name as the blog and stores all images from Blogger in it. As for Windows Live Writer, it creates an album of the name Windows Live Writer and stores all images (which are blogged using Windows Live Writer) there.

Since the time I started using Windows Live Writer for its cool interface, blogging has been become so much convenient for me. But I wanted to know whether I can upload unlimited photos in Blogger via Windows Live Writer. The answer was a disheartening NO. Leave aside the rules given by Picasa :

For users with the standard (free) one GB of storage, the following limits apply:

  • Maximum number of web albums: 250
  • Maximum number of photos per web album: 500

Windows Live Writer wouldn't even allow greater than 500 images !! That means at most one album in Picasa. But there are two possible solutions I found worked.


1. Creating another album of the name “Windows Live Writer” in Picasa, two albums with the same name wasn’t a problem. This would make Windows Live Writer upload all photos in the new empty album from now on. However, the restrictions as given by Picasa are still there. :(


2. Here’s the master-solution. Signing up in gave me the power to upload unlimited photos. Yes, Infinite is the word !! So the steps to attain infinite upload are so easy, it took hardly a few minutes. Signing up in , uploading a few pictures marking them public, copy a image’s URL by right-clicking on it and insert it via Windows Live Writer as I have done beside.

This saved a lot of my problems as I have always wanted some place to share all my memories and my snapshots without being restricted. Thanks to Picasa Web Albums and Zooomr !! Open-mouthed

Monday, December 22, 2008

Is Sector 5 ready ??

It has been about three and a half years that I have been going to my college in Sector 5 via Chingrighata. Sector 5, the new tech town of Kolkata, the future pride of Kolkata, the main attraction of all large industries and companies in Kolkata. It has really developed a lot in the past few years to facilitate the growth of industrialization. Something we all appreciate. But there are some serious flaws that sometimes give the impression that the place has ceased to be habitable.

Firstly, I must say the transport facility is very inadequate in the region. Specially during the office hours in the morning, it’s really a pity to see the commuters chase buses in the Chingrighata bus stand. Some of them while waiting in the queue for auto, start running as soon as they see the bus. Some even start running from across the divider (that looks so risky !!). The buses, stop after travelling quite a distance after crossing the auto stand (which consists of the entire queue, consisting about a 50-60 people and also a few autos). Needless to say, most of the buses arrive jam-packed. Feels really bad when I see elderly people running hard and struggling to catch the buses. About 20-25 people always try to board the bus together. The auto-rickshaws are the only respite one can get during these wrestling hours. But there one has to compromise with time. It’s really not a come-and-go situation. One has to wait at least 20 minutes in the queue, and that’s a lot as every second counts then. Increasing the number of buses, though a probable solution. looks ridiculous after the office hours. Since most of them go with very few passengers. So I would suggest to provide some transport for that small stretch only, could be increasing the number of autos, or share taxis, or if situation demands, buses. As the gravity of the situations calls for some solution, this plea cannot be ignored.

Secondly, the water-logging problem is really amusing. It appears as if the place is a bowl, designed to contain water. A few hours of continuous rain, and the water starts growing fast from divider towards towards the pavements (where provided). The water-logging brings with it a graver problem. The roads open up to pot-holes, sometimes posing fatal traps for pedestrians. Driving becomes really risky too with the water-filling the potholes, one can have no idea about how deep the water goes.

Thirdly, I would like to talk about the safety of the area after dusk till dawn. We see many instances of eve-teasing, minor thefts and people being harassed in many ways in the newspapers. These incidents seem to have decreased over the past few months, thanks to the patrolling provided by the police which keeps such people at bay. This is the only issue I feel has been taken care of properly by the authorities.

I sincerely hope that all the issues get solved soon as I love my Kolkata just too much to see it this way. I do hope that our future pride is really a place that we can appreciate from the bottom of our hearts, not merely by reading its achievements in the newspapers and headlines.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pak tour rightfully called off

Being an avid cricket lover, I really found it a heart-breaking news. But considering the present scenario, I couldn’t help but thank the BCCI to have judged the situation so well and have managed to opt out of this tour. Cricket have been seen as a bonding factor between these two neighboring countries for a long time now, probably the only one we can think of ! Now that its getting on our nerves, to hell with this sort of bonding. Its the ultimate opportunity for Pakistan to save their cricket, to save their relations with India, and most importantly, to curb terrorism in the sub-continent; which they have been claiming to have been doing, but to little effect as evident from the recent developments. The relationship between the two countries continues to get bitter and bitter, and may be this is going to be the same about a hundred years from now. So in spite of being an a die hard cricket lover, I whole-heartedly support this 2 month break that our Indian side has got, wont be surprised if this happens again in the near future. Pakistan cricketers are going to face a tough time in such a situation. But there’s nothing cricket can do here and cant be expected to do. Hoping some of our senior cricketers regain their vintage form during this time. Horses, Trailers and News

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Google fills my world …

Its been quite sometime now that Google has kept impressing me with their innovative stuff. The latest addition being the Chrome. Microsoft takes a beat by Google for the fact that their innovativeness is simply not at par with Google’s. Their Live Services, specially the Windows Live Writer (which now helps me blog a lot more easily than before) has been really cool off late though. But that's it. Google, amazingly, seems to know the exact requirement, starting from an average user to a techie. The Google Desktop Search, Picasa, Blogger, YouTube, Orkut and of course, Gmail and Gtalk…not to forget the Google Search engine….the list of the incredibles that has overtaken me. The extreme ease of use, the attractive yet simple interface clearly gives them an edge over the rest.

One more factor I find that contributes majorly to the success of Google is the speed of their applications. It might seem that “we may be slower, but we’re better in functionalities” strategy of some companies are taking a backseat now. Because Google is even filling its apps with as much functionalities with as much efficiency in starting up and getting their apps ready for use. Why would people switch to other apps when they get so many functionalities integrated in a fast easy-to-use application. No wonder why Gmail is the next best email service provider, probably going to be the best in near future, surpassing Yahoo! Mail. Recently after integrating video chat silently in Gmail, they seemed to have made the final breakthrough into the champions field. The simplicity yet full-of-features applications are what makes Google a great favorite to me. Am happy to have myself surrounded by some of such cool Google products am not yet thinking of switching to any other in near future too… Long live Google !!! 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Farewell Mr.President … here’s my shoe

Yesterday’s incident was really one to be remembered. Bush came to Iraq to meet the Prime Minister. Later, while holding a press conference, where he highlighted how America played a role in bringing the country’s peace back and  how to move forward, a reported working for an Iraqi television station just suddenly took off one of his shoes and hurled them at the president. Shouting that this was his farewell gift, summoning him as a dog. The incident really made me feel strange. The most powerful man on earth being confronted with a shoe like this.

It might have appeared to be a bit funny initially by the footage shown. But looked otherwise, the matter signifies a great philosophical grievance that some people, specially of the affected Middle East region possess against the American administration. Which led to this incident, a direct insult to the highest order of administration in America. Iraqis simply cannot restrain their anguish and inconsolable rage at this point of time. A diplomatic solution, I presume, wouldn't have had led to this incident.

I remember shoes being thrown at Saddam Hussein’s statue a few years back, when he was captured by Bush. And now it’s Bush himself. It's a queer feeling to see how the fact keeps proving again and again - that the world is definitely round !! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

How to become a famous blogger...

I just came across this thing which I think will help all bloggers to try and become famous... ;)

It actually shows you two ways, he he...if you are already famous, then your blogs will automatically be famous -- that makes you a famous blogger.

Again if you blog day and night and your blogs have the latest and up-to-date contents, then your blogs are sure to get visited by many people from all over the world.....That makes you a famous blogger too!

Hope this is the simplest solution :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mockery of India’s security

The tragedy in Mumbai can be nothing but a total collapse of our Intelligence failure. When we have been warned of the attacks, even their locations specified as 5-star hotels by the US and some other countries, its really a shame that we couldn’t deal with it efficiently. Credits goes to the NSG, commandos, jawans and the hotel staff. That we at least put up a fight with our old guns and so-called bulletproof jackets (one of which was pierced and led to the death of a brave official) is a miracle in itself. I think its high time that we act, the politicians act, the entire administration and security system acts as Indians. Not to save our chairs, but to save our future generations.
Its true that we feel like taking up arms ourselves and showing everybody what Indians are about, but since we cant begin a revolution with arms literally, we should be satisfied with lighting candles and keeping 1 minute’s silences, showing that we are concerned about this from the bottom of our hearts, concerned that we have the biggest loopholes in our security system, about the infrastructure of our arms and ammunitions and after all we are so happy to have such responsible politicians who are responding so well after this national tragedy, forgetting what happened and focusing on saving their chairs(failing inevitably), not even giving a second thought before politicizing the death of a martyr. Sincerely hope the situation will improve and our country will stay strong and prosper amidst the ruins of these chaos.