Monday, December 29, 2008

Breaking the photo limit while using Windows Live Writer and Blogger

As we all know, Blogger uses Picasa Web Albums to store any image that we upload in our blog. It creates an album with the same name as the blog and stores all images from Blogger in it. As for Windows Live Writer, it creates an album of the name Windows Live Writer and stores all images (which are blogged using Windows Live Writer) there.

Since the time I started using Windows Live Writer for its cool interface, blogging has been become so much convenient for me. But I wanted to know whether I can upload unlimited photos in Blogger via Windows Live Writer. The answer was a disheartening NO. Leave aside the rules given by Picasa :

For users with the standard (free) one GB of storage, the following limits apply:

  • Maximum number of web albums: 250
  • Maximum number of photos per web album: 500

Windows Live Writer wouldn't even allow greater than 500 images !! That means at most one album in Picasa. But there are two possible solutions I found worked.


1. Creating another album of the name “Windows Live Writer” in Picasa, two albums with the same name wasn’t a problem. This would make Windows Live Writer upload all photos in the new empty album from now on. However, the restrictions as given by Picasa are still there. :(


2. Here’s the master-solution. Signing up in gave me the power to upload unlimited photos. Yes, Infinite is the word !! So the steps to attain infinite upload are so easy, it took hardly a few minutes. Signing up in , uploading a few pictures marking them public, copy a image’s URL by right-clicking on it and insert it via Windows Live Writer as I have done beside.

This saved a lot of my problems as I have always wanted some place to share all my memories and my snapshots without being restricted. Thanks to Picasa Web Albums and Zooomr !! Open-mouthed


  1. FYI--if you upgrade to the latest version of Windows Live Writer, it will automatically create a new Picasa album if the quota is reached on the existing one. (However, there's nothing we can do about the 250 album limit, obviously.)

    Hope that helps...

  2. Thanks Cheng, but I would love to preserve my 1GB of Picasa Web Albums for future use. Right now am happy with the infinite upload provided by Zooomr.

  3. i never knew this.. thanks for the enlightenment.. now i know wheere to come for some technical stuff...

  4. @Swagatika
    geek...yeah, sure..but also one of my major turn-ons are classy plays and dramas, some classy debates, discussions... though I haven't been into them lately..I still enjoy watching them.

  5. @Chriz
    man you have done such a master-piece of a blog that you are sure to get some award soon...just a matter of time buddy


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