Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mockery of India’s security

The tragedy in Mumbai can be nothing but a total collapse of our Intelligence failure. When we have been warned of the attacks, even their locations specified as 5-star hotels by the US and some other countries, its really a shame that we couldn’t deal with it efficiently. Credits goes to the NSG, commandos, jawans and the hotel staff. That we at least put up a fight with our old guns and so-called bulletproof jackets (one of which was pierced and led to the death of a brave official) is a miracle in itself. I think its high time that we act, the politicians act, the entire administration and security system acts as Indians. Not to save our chairs, but to save our future generations.
Its true that we feel like taking up arms ourselves and showing everybody what Indians are about, but since we cant begin a revolution with arms literally, we should be satisfied with lighting candles and keeping 1 minute’s silences, showing that we are concerned about this from the bottom of our hearts, concerned that we have the biggest loopholes in our security system, about the infrastructure of our arms and ammunitions and after all we are so happy to have such responsible politicians who are responding so well after this national tragedy, forgetting what happened and focusing on saving their chairs(failing inevitably), not even giving a second thought before politicizing the death of a martyr. Sincerely hope the situation will improve and our country will stay strong and prosper amidst the ruins of these chaos. 


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