Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Change is finally here

The D-day has finally come . The world will wait to see how the major issues like Gaza and India-Pakistan are tackled. The economy is at its helm of turmoil at this point of time adding to the woes of his competency . Certainly he has seemed to be pretty strategic in appointing and selecting his staff.

Lets  hope he brings about the long-desired change that his campaigns spoke about. I am mainly looking forward how the Indian IT industry’s future turns out to be under his leadership where so much of US works are outsourced to India in this so-very closely knit world.

May the first Afro-American president create history during his tenure. .

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Suchitra Sen ..the unveiling…

Was this hype really necessary to unveil someone with today’s spy cam technology who has voluntarily said she would not like anyone to keep contact with her or disturb her? One of Bengali cinema’s legendary actress’s, Suchitra suchitraSen went to a life of quiet seclusion in her house for the last three decades and has devoted her time to the Ramakrishna Mission, refusing to meet nobody except her chosen ones which included a few family members and some others. This in a way increased her aura and charm which was already at its peak at the end of her career. But has the media lost its ethics? Sure Star suchitra02Ananda will enjoy their success and many people will congratulate them after they managed to broadcast a small blurry video clip of her. The images got published in many leading newspapers like the Telegraph. A part of me has also congratulated them…but my soul says this was really against the conscience and ethics .. As people who love and respect the actress, I really feel this shouldn’t have been done at any cost. However curious people might be. Paparazzis should learn to respect people’s privacy after all. They even managed to get a glimpse of her a year back when a reporter sneaked in as a patient right when she was admitted to a hospital as shown here. True Star Ananda believes that they are only wishing all the best of health to this legendary actress who’s now 77 years of age.. as they said in the television..they might have fulfilled the curiosity of thousands of fans..but has undoubtedly broken the heart of this actress..we all are waiting to hear her reactions anytime soon……

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Maestro … A.R. Rahman

I have always been an ardent fan of this amazingly talented musician..just hope its time for him to bag a few Oscars after this Golden Globe award. His songs simply stand apart from the lot, filled with extreme passion and emotion..a trademark of his own..

The awe-inspiring soul-touching and silky voice needs no introduction …the constant improvising and reinvention of his music and his tunes comes across as anodyne ..truly India is proud of him ..

Monday, January 12, 2009

If every living thing talked human

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I don't know how this page of my blog keeps appearing for the wrong search word and so I added this link above. Now coming back to this post.

As a kid I often wondered if only I could have communicated with my pet dog, an Alsatian..which used to be my best friend back home. What if other than playing with balls and Freezbie we could talk to each other..just what he felt like…

Now after so many years, the same thoughts came back and just turned out to give some queer feeling. In today’s world, just imagine what each an animal could have done with their speech power. With their limited understanding, of course, the world would have been a very confused place for them with so much of greed and politics. But would we have any question to their answers if they asked us “Why do you wage wars?” “Why do some people terrorize others?” If every bird could sing out their heart and their express their plight..if every endangered animal could express their anxiety..perhaps they would have been looked upon differently.

What if they all were given the right to vote along with us?? Would they still be as vulnerable as they are today?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Satyam tainted…

One of the greatest setbacks for the IT industry a horrifying moment for the stock market.. Satyam chief B. Ramalinga Raju played around with 7136 crores to reduce his company to shambles !! Angry

In what has been one of the most horrifying moments for the IT industry, in this case, the company may even cease to exist..leave alone the jobs of its 53,000 employees!! Having manipulated the balance sheet for the past seven years.. its chilling to even imagine how the icon of our Indian IT industry have reduced any existing image of everything around him, leaving employees, investors and people to utter disbelief .. Surprised

God knows what’s in store for Satyam and it’s employees..heard talks of IBM buying them. But it should come as a blessing to them if IBM does finally make the deal..even after all these..taking the responsibility of 53,000 new men..

Hope this case be investigated and handled in the strictest way possible so that the future doesn’t have something like this in store for us..Who knows who may be next. Just wish this is the first and last of its kind. Crying

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Its sad to see my home town deteriorating like this in terms of its progress. It has only heard the plans of its improvement over the last couple of years but alas, it couldn't be given a shape which would have invariably made all of us kolkata06proud. The city could have become one of the most prestigious jewels in the eastern part of India, one of the finest demonstrations of rise from its present state to something we have dreamt of. True we’re on our way with the IT sector in Salt Lake struggling hard to cope up to demand of the time. But how long?

We, Kolkatans are fighting hard enough to rise to the occasions when we see the world around us. The pollution department, health department and the security of the state all seem to be in hands of people struggling to cope up to the demand. It’s not that negligence is the cause. Its the strictness of the laws, the scare of a strict judiciary system that seems missing. People should perform the 5524-Trams-in-Kolkata-0best they can, which seems possible here only under the strictest of rules set down to abide by them.

Politics play a major role in the fate  of the state. Opposing parties simply doesn’t give a second thought to take up laws in their hands to meet their diplomatically-unsolvable-issues. Day in and day out plans of progress or solvable problems get out of hand. The current ruling party is the only party we can look up to to have any sign of hope as we have really no damn idea how competent(?) the opposition might be. Is it time for the citizens of Kolkata to do something?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Why do one blog?

The most staggering question in today’s world of Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad and several such sites has left me wondering, actually why do so many people blog? In fact, why was it that I started blogging, though being not into writing for the last seven years (I loved writing long essays in school). It seems to have a charm of its own, true, but to engross so many people all over the world is not just its charm, but have got to be something more than that. Frankly, I just thought of jotting down some reasons which just might explain the cause…

1.A class of people who love writing, have been gifted with tremendous writing skills, have made their names as writers. Their articles regularly get published in renowned magazines, etc. They love to have their own blog as a secondary way of expressing their emotions, whatever they feel like saying..only without getting paid in this case, maybe even getting paid in some cases.

2.The class who loves to write, loves to speak out their heart, haven’t been recognized as a writer though, but still want to express their opinions and views, their feeling and emotions, their thoughts and what their soul has to say. They love to communicate with their peers over each other’s blogs and thus form a steady network. This class seems to have two parts again...

(i)Those who loves to leave lots of comments on others post, communicate a lot with readers of his posts, which I like a lot. So many unexplored sides of the world get known while reading other’s blogs. A virtual bonding hence grows in this blogging world. A bonding which even our real life friends or even family members may not have known, as the way we blog we don’t always speak that amount. It leaves a gap which can never be filled up. But of course, we can tell our real life people to read our blog :)

(ii)The second part of people just want to emote their thoughts and creativity. They bother least to read anyone else’s blog, even if they have ample time. Comments are of little importance to them. Other people’s views are as immaterial as the stars in the sky. They are indifferent to what others have to say on the very same topic.

3. The other class of people really love to blog on a daily basis, just like writing our diaries. Any significant or insignificant event really finds a nice place in their blog. But a public blog substituting a private diary? Well, this is the charm of blogging in this digital world...what else?

4.The next class of people may have found out no one to listen to their opinions in real life, but they always had something to speak. Forced to keep to themselves, they have had enough. Finally blogs came to their aid and gave them a platform to set their confined minds out of the closet…

5.Are some kids blogging to earn from Google AdSense or AdBrite? Is someone blogging to have their blogs the maximum hit count, or visitors? Believe me, such childish stuffs would soon lose their fun. Soon you will realize my dear that life is a much bigger entity than earning a few dollars from AdSense, the true essence of blogging will then come to your forefront.

If you were to ask me why do I blog, I would say I belong to class 2(i). Time to take a break…would be soon back.. :)