Monday, January 19, 2009

Change is finally here

The D-day has finally come . The world will wait to see how the major issues like Gaza and India-Pakistan are tackled. The economy is at its helm of turmoil at this point of time adding to the woes of his competency . Certainly he has seemed to be pretty strategic in appointing and selecting his staff.

Lets  hope he brings about the long-desired change that his campaigns spoke about. I am mainly looking forward how the Indian IT industry’s future turns out to be under his leadership where so much of US works are outsourced to India in this so-very closely knit world.

May the first Afro-American president create history during his tenure. .


  1. Tooo many expectations from one man !!!!

    I cant quite understand how much every one is expecting from Obama....

    I hope expectations are not followed by dissappointment !!!

    the expectations from this one individual are unreal and actually over burdening !!!

  2. @hitch writer
    Same sentiments actually...

    Ain't it jsu wat pathetic humans all ya hopes on one man and rite now Obama is da much so that maybe even shortage of salt or detergent may be attributed to him..

    What we fail to understand is dat hez still a man without a magic wand....keep ya feet on da ground

  3. can't understand with this obsession with obama...would a white president have garnered the same kind of buzz, publicity and expectations as obama is??

  4. Even I cant understand the hype over Obama....and the Welcome Party is gonna cost US 150 Million Dollars....I mean does anyone need such a snazzy reception in times of recession???

    People are losing jobs and the President of a downward moving economy is throwing a 150 million dollar party??? WOW!!

  5. I feel whatever hype Obama has brought around him has a lot to do with his theme of campaigning and the theories of hope that he has talked about so much..very few presidents in the past has created such an aura around him during his campaign :)

  6. hope is a dangerous word my friend...
    quoting morgan freeman- shawshank redemption

  7. He surely did capture the imagination of a lot of people.. Change is here !!! lets see how it goes !!

  8. 150 million US$ !!! What the should have hurt someone's conscience atleast before you go on to spend just can't spend coz he has it..and in the present economy, damn it !!!

  9. Hi Rahul :)

    I hope Obama will do something good for US. and the world.

    I wish him all success.

  10. Crossing fingers for the real change to come .......... Good compilation !!!

  11. i think he's kinda right person who can rule over america....lets just hope that he takes things in the right direction!!!!!!!

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“Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.” ~ Mark Twain