Monday, January 12, 2009

If every living thing talked human

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I don't know how this page of my blog keeps appearing for the wrong search word and so I added this link above. Now coming back to this post.

As a kid I often wondered if only I could have communicated with my pet dog, an Alsatian..which used to be my best friend back home. What if other than playing with balls and Freezbie we could talk to each other..just what he felt like…

Now after so many years, the same thoughts came back and just turned out to give some queer feeling. In today’s world, just imagine what each an animal could have done with their speech power. With their limited understanding, of course, the world would have been a very confused place for them with so much of greed and politics. But would we have any question to their answers if they asked us “Why do you wage wars?” “Why do some people terrorize others?” If every bird could sing out their heart and their express their plight..if every endangered animal could express their anxiety..perhaps they would have been looked upon differently.

What if they all were given the right to vote along with us?? Would they still be as vulnerable as they are today?


  1. can't answer ur questions but I feel that if this would have happened then Menka Gandhi would have been fighting for herself and not animal rights.
    infact this could have waged more wars, a war between humans and some other species.

  2. @ rahul: if animals had rights i think they would have become more confused.. They wud have laughed on humans on what they are doing.. Its better they dont understand politics.. They wud loose their innocence otherwise..And thats why dogs are loyal.. But if they had the ability to think.. Dogs wud not have been like this..anyways.. How did the question strike to u.. Interestin and strange one.. I guess u like animals too much..

  3. i am a non vegetarian.. so i cant post a comment like a saint here..

    yes but i love dogs and i cant bear they getting hurt..

  4. It's an interesting idea...for instance, the doves who died at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai would have a lot to say on terrorism. Talking of dogs, there are some people who buy breed dogs as a status symbol, and failing to love them, they invent new dimensions of cruelties to treat them with; it is shameful.
    Nice style.

  5. @divesh
    I felt the only domain untouched by our recent developments, be it the middle-east or the west or the east is the animal kingdom..and their innocence will continue to surprise us more than ever in near futures I presume :)

  6. @Riya..I love animals :) .. from a very small age I was lucky to have a pet dog.. don't have one now though..What u said abt rights of animals I think is true..every effect has an equal and opposite side-effect :(

  7. @Chriz
    Same here :) ..they're so lovable

  8. @Ruchiraa got my point..the doves would have lot to say..
    Maybe help investigators ;)
    Dogs are gonna be forever man's best friend :)

  9. great point to make..and extremely valid... :) i so agree with you.. :D

  10. Well Whoever or whatever created the universe, made a good choice and balanced out this difference. I believe one of the reasons dogs are so adorable and are called Man's Best Friend, coz face it...some of us do talk to our dogs when down in dumps. They make very good listeners...Imagine a dog interuppting you everytime you want to open up your heart and talk...just like friends do (my friends do...even before Ive finished talking, there is some comment from the other side and I hate it!!)

    Its a nice thought but just think if things wouldve been otherwise...we'd go next to a lion and he'd say "Hey Man...You're my Meal for today!!" :P

  11. hey ..very different...soo nicely u ve written it..wel dere's an institute in callifornia where communication among animals n humans are being taught..

    the most +ve aspect of this communication (taking aside knowing em a lot..)is we can feel the presence ov angels or supernatural powers over this earth(like in city of angels)..cause animals have gotten a more senses rather than they cannt speak...
    newayz nice thought u ve given...
    hve a gud day frnd...
    keep rockin wid ur alsatian...:)

  12. @smriti
    :D .. nice point made

  13. @sara
    absolutely right...
    and i don't have any alsatian now :)

  14. Well...had animals being been able to express their anxiety, if not anything else..they for sure would have been soft targets for our votebank hungry politicians...

  15. ooo u made me think..
    now when ever i ll see my pet...this ques ll cm to my mind..
    "ye bolta toh???" :D
    nyway..nice point..

  16. ok now Im feeling horrible for being a non-veg...



  17. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ............ right to vote ?? on a funny note ...... I would win the elections :)

  18. How cud u frgt da most perplexing question of all questions??

    Why do u getta hold da leash shitface????

  19. @moffy
    absolutely right..we wouldn't need the leash for the dogs :)

  20. Hi Rahul :)

    Very interesting post!

    Imagine a world where all animals went on strike, took out processions, shouting slogans, blocking roads, throwing stones, destroying property etc. We will need seaparte
    jails for them and a separate judiciary!

    I think we should let animals be where they are. We have enough problems without them interfering in our affairs. The Creator who made them and loves them knows best.

    Have a good day :)


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