Thursday, February 26, 2009

Education System… Eeeow!!

This is crazy. Just visualize this. Heard it happened in a college nearby. A student doesn’t get to sit in internal class test of 30 marks coz he has poor attendance. A new rule has been made, guess what!! It’s divided into various percentages of attendances for the four years of B.Tech. For first years, its close to 75%, and decreasing slowly to 55% for fourth years. Before the internals, your attendance would be checked, if you qualify, you sit for the 30 marks test, else get default 12 in it. Now, coming back to the basics, why would a student actually want to not attend classes? Considering he has no personal problems or engagements, why would he not attend the classes if they are conducted in such a way that we can’t even think of a substitute of classroom teaching? No, let’s make it very clear. Am not blaming the faculty here. I am blaming the entire system here. Why would a student, who can self-study without attending a single lecture and score above 90% marks, would attend classes? To be allowed to sit for the internal tests? Isn’t this the crappest logic and wastage of talent ? It would have been much better if classroom teaching is organized in such a way that we are looking forward to attend each an every class rather than being forced to do them. The absolute essence of learning and getting educated will come to the forefront, and all these non-sense about attendance and internals would be forgotten. They would exist of course, but of no use, as we all would be having close to 100% attendance !! Just hoping when thing turn around and create more opportunities for students like us to get the best out of the system. It’s time to act, yes, but not in an illogical way. To get the brats attend classes, get some stricter rules out of the bag, but not this, which affects everyone, even the guy who may have genuine reasons to have missed classes. Get a student profile with feedback from teachers to decide on a student, this would help, I guess.

Music in Anakhronos 2009

This is the fest in our college, the last and final one before we pass out. I couldn’t go because of some engagements, but didn’t forget to catch up with these videos from one of my close friends and his live detailed feedback. Jewelled by some stunning performances by the Anjan Dutta, who took out some of the very best songs from his bag which has made him almost immortal in Bengali music.

He was accompanied by his son Neel Dutta, and they together mesmerized the place with their brilliance. 2441139 is one of the immortal songs amongst Bengali contemporary music lovers, and it continues to weave its charm every time its sung, in an absolutely new way. Then he sang another song, Rhododendron..another cool, extremely cool song, enough to make the chill felt again which we missed so much this winter. The simple casual and monotonous
voice of the legendary Anajn Dutta continues to mesmerize the Bengalis as ever. Its serenity and tranquility can only be felt by hearing with one’s own ears…cant be expressed in words for sure.

Then there was some stunning performances by Vishal Dadlani..the extreme of the extreme performances..really a rare performance by any artist in this category I think. Jumping and dancing and screaming like hell, this

was one hell of a singer, or rather dancer, or performer I guess is the right word. Its really amazing how he could get the crowd on their feet so easily and make the atmosphere so electrifying. Incredible rush of adrenaline, and a tremendous amount of sense to judge the audience, accompanied by some excellent talent is what enabled him to drive the crowd crazzzzy that day and create mayhem. It was amazing how he could have so much
energy, as one of my friend’s rightly pointed out “he was moving too fast for any normal human”. Looks like this guy has along way to go if he carries on giving performances like this over the next few years. Anywayz, hope Anakhronos continues to rock year after year like. Some cool enjoyment for the students after studies throughout the year !!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can blog from mobile now :)

This is just a short post from my mobile before I fall asleep now. I just discovered the fun of blogging without using a computer! Now I can blog even in my tight schedule in the next 3 months !! Yeah, mayb I cant post cool pics and videos but I'll certainly try to makeup with my words :) ..Sleepy now...Good Night! ....Zzzzzz....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kolkata Maidan being mauled by rallies again and again and again and…

Our beloved maidan has been hurt again by a rally by a political party, flouting court directive. Its really feels bad when our beloved bookfair has been shifted to a different venue for the same reason yet we continue to pollute the place. Really its time people learn to respect the greenery and not just follow something just it had been ordered. Its a matter of global awareness nowadays to save greenery when they are so much on the verge of decline. And I believe the first steps come by protecting the heritage that we cherish in our own home city.

Kolkata Maidan … free for all …

  (Pictures from : The Telegraph) The court has made its directives clear early in 2007. But the Kolkata Maidan continues 

to be mailed by rallies repeatedly. Regardless of the orders by the court,  the offenders just go on with their business as usual. Banning of stoves and gases within 3kms Of Victoria Memorial and forbidding parking of cars in the Maidan, all went to deaf ears. One of most proud possession of Kolkata,  the Maidan, is no doubt losing its greenery at an amazingly fast rate. Cooking stoves and utensils prematurely kill the budding grasses. The smokes are continuously destroying our prestigious structure of the Victoria memorial. Potholes and car tires are not helping the greenery either. Rather more like a picnic spot, and people don’t even bother to reinstate the ground to its earlier state also, leaving the garbage and holes just like that. I really feel sad when pictures

like these appear in the newspapers often nowadays. When will all this end, when will our Maidan breathe again?? Crying

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Google Reader bug fixed…hooray !!

For the past few months I had been having trouble with Google Reader. My subscriptions just wont show up under the Subscriptions heading though the respective articles all appeared fine in the body of the Reader. The day when Google improved on the Gmail buttons I found my Subscription list back there. A great moment for me, am back to reading all the stuffs am interested in as quick as possible again. I just love this piece of technology by Google. Open-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthedOpen-mouthed

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Racism row over New York Post

This picture, supposed to depict the killing of a pet chimpanzee which suddenly attacked it’s owner’s friend by a policeman, became extremely controversial due to the caption, hinting at president Obama, who signed the bill. True, cartoonists need to think a lot about the consequences before they do something soapublicly. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

TCS and Wipro Campusing news for 2010 batch onwards

TCS and Wipro News and Materials Recent Developments
TCS 2010 Community and Joining Dates
Students of the country’s best engineering colleges may now have to wait till their final year for clinching a job with an IT firm. In a bid to get greater visibility of the business environment while hiring, IT companies, such as TCS and Wipro Technologies, are now looking to push campus recruitments closer to the pass-out date. This is sure to calm down freshers aspiring to join these two leading companies. Good to hear that people are not laying off or stopped recruiting at least. To read more click here. Join the most active TCS 2010 orkut community here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TCS may stretch working hours by half an hour

IT professionals working with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will now spend more time at their workplaces, possibly as a fallout of the global economic crisis. The country’s largest software exporter has increased its work hours by 30 minutes — from the existing nine hours a day, to nine-and-a-half hours a day — two persons familiar with the development toldBusiness Line.

In doing so, TCS has become the second IT major to stretch its work hours, starting next year. Earlier, Accenture, in an internal communication, told its employees that they would have to work for an extra hour starting January 1.

A spokesperson for TCS who was approached for a response said the company is “constantly looking at ways to improve productivity and efficiency”. On the increase in working hours, no policy has been finalised or communicated yet to the employees, he said.

Productivity score

Though every employee at TCS may not have received an official communication on the new working hours, Business Line has learnt that a formal communication has already been despatched to the heads of the various business units within TCS. Employees down the line could be briefed in a few days, sources said.

An increase in working hours could help the company improve overall productivity, as there will be an increase in the average revenue that each employee generates, according to Mr Harit Shah, IT Analyst, Angel Broking. “Since TCS has over one lakh employees, the productivity improvement for the company could be very significant,” he said.

Indian IT companies have been going slow on their hiring plans and are hence trying to extract the most out of their existing employees, said another IT analyst who did not wish to be identified. In most cases, increase in work hours is not compensated by salary revisions or extra days of leave, the analyst added. (Source : Business Line)

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TCS says there may be no off-campus hiring this year

Stay updated on TCS TCS Q1 results: 2010 Batch can rejoice!

Tata Consultancy Services has discontinued off-campus hiring for the current year, due to the slowdown in demand for IT services. In 2009, the company is yet to hire through this route. The Tata group company has said that last batch of previous year’s campus recruits will join the company latest by February 2009 end. For this update see here

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Best Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox: Kewll!

Get the toolbar!

Amidst the top class toolbars around, here comes this unique toolbar designed keeping simplicity, ergonomics and excellence of quality in terms of performance in mind. If you are net savvy, this toolbar is sure to surprise you simply with it’s searching capabilities. I won’t name a single search engine here. You have to see for yourself. But I am pretty sure it’ll be more impressive than many toolbars around. Be it web search, image search, knowledge search, video search or map search, quality search options provide exceptional results. Additional stuffs like mail checker from anywhere, page rank checker and predictor, automatic news, blogs and sports updates may prove to be useful. Kewll’s performance speaks for itself!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pakistan President interview … see this to disbelieve this :)

I presume the growth of media in present India also adds a flavor of humor with such shows like this which in fact represent the public opinion. Though Cyrus sometimes really gets on my nerves, he rocked this one Wink Winking

Infosys Offer Letter 2009 batch

Latest updates

My friends who were placed in Infosys got their offer letters today. It might be the happiest moments for some of them like Nirmalya Roy Chowdhury. Many of my friends like Somdas Bandyopadhyay haven’t got their offer letter and are suffering from extreme depression and anxiety as whether they might get the job at all. For cool more updates don't forget to subscribe here!

I think its time Infosys comes out with some information on when the remaining candidates are going to get their offer letter as we all got placed by the campussing on the same day !! Though these proceedings undertaken by the software company is sure to calm the freshers amidst this financial fiasco. But given the various informations from various colleges, it seems pretty likely that most colleges and students are going to get their offer letters soon. A very comfortable scenario for Infoscions, must say.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Let's try to make it straight...

Last few days has really been grim. Bottom-line being caught in a tangle between showing moral support for our juniors along with our other 4th year friends, and our fear of getting our image, marks and career hampered by taking this route of aggression. Class being absolutely divided into parts, each student sharing hisist2_5651286-which-way or her own point of view. Some change was needed to be done to the system. Unfortunately it affected the students really badly which has led to the present situation. We can’t even think of withdrawing our support at this point which would be a major blow, possible fatal to this movement. Also, we can’t even think of continuing this protest indefinitely, latest being one more week. Keeping all the affected and unaffected in mind, my inner voice tells me just go on with this movement, let’s see an end to this. But my brain tells me no, the consequences may just not be right for you people over the next few months, right on the verge of finishing our graduation. Its just the trickiest of trickiest situations we have ever faced.

Withdrawal of support would mean leaving our other 4th year friends in an awkward situation, leaving the 3rd years with little chance to put their point across for the cause, which am sure none of us would want. Not withdrawing support is certain to bring some negative consequences to us in this semester, be it in our project, internals or final semester which, again, am sure none of us would want.

Let’s try to clear the situation. Here a poll has been added, just scroll down a little bit and you’ll find the poll on the right side. Vote what you prefer the most, guys, consider all the factors before you cast the vote. Just for your info, protests started on the 1st week of March.

P.S. If you would like to share your opinions, do that below, choose a profile, easiest being ‘Name/URL’ and post it.

Poll Results on “How long should we continue our protest against HOD?” (Total Votes:25)

Withdraw support from the protests immediately
  10 (40%)
Support for a max of 1 week (from start date)
  2 (8%)
Support for a max of 2 weeks (from start date)
  7 (28%)
Support for a max of 3 weeks (from start date)
  1 (4%)
Support for a max of 4 weeks (from start date)
  0 (0%)
Any higher threshold (plz mention)...
  0 (0%)
Support as long as we dnt hv a favourable decision
  5 (20%)