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Ashutosh Gowariker and Sajid Khan have totally unwanted war of words during awards show

The Star Screen Awards held at the Bandra-Kurla Complex on 14th January is less likely to be forgotten soon enough due to the spat between the renowned director Ashutosh Gowariker and actor Sajid

Khan. (To instantly know if anything more happens between them click here) It all began when host Sajid Khan made a comment on Harman Baweja, Ashutosh’s actor. When Gowariker later came on stage, he voiced his displeasure at the statements and jokes and also pointed out dissatisfied that several technicians weren’t allowed to speak. In fact the entire concept and flow of the show made him unhappy. You can see the entire unfortunate spat here. Sadly bollywood witnessed this unheard of public spat exposed in front of the whole world. Considering the quality of director Ashutosh Gowariker is, I believe he could have kept the matter to himself and spoke to Sajid and Farah backstage instead of making this public.

Though its true that Sajid’s most comments are just on the note of fun and high humor, but still there’s a limit to which one can go. And Ashutosh I think just simply couldn’t take it any longer and burst out all his emo

tions at the podium when he received the Best Director Award for Jodha Akbar.



ugly war doesn't seem to end as well. As I saw from a recent update in a site, here is what they had to say :

Sajid on the whole issue says, “Ashutosh Gowariker is a very dear and old friend of mine and he of all people should understand that Sajid Khan is an entertainer and it is his job to entertain audiences.

I work for the channels and have been entertaining audiences and hosting awards for the last 10 years. If the channels repeat me, it’s because audiences expect this kind of entertainment not just in India but worldwide!

Even at the Oscars, you will see Holly-wood personalities laughing at themselves. It’s high time we learn to laugh at ourselves and enjoy ourselves.

At the end of the day, we are one big family and it’s absolutely alright to laugh and joke with each other because that’s what friends and families do.”

When ask him about the recent rumors that Gowariker and some other directors are planning to put a ban to his shows, he says, “For me, my viewer is the ultimate. He has made me and only my viewer will break me! No Ashutosh Gowariker in this world can ban Sajid Khan.

At every show I make fun of myself first even yesterday, I made fun of Heyy Babyy! not once but three times. At the end the day it’s TV, which like films is a source of entertainment.

After every show I host, I get hundreds of calls and SMSes from the film industry saying how much they liked it, and that happened yesterday too! I’ll never be apologetic about my work.

The day I need to be, I will apologize to my audience. Let the viewer decide who they want to see on stage at an awards function Ashutosh Gowariker or Sajid Khan?”



And this is what Ashutosh had to say : 

Ask Ashutosh about the whole issue and did Sajid patch up with him, he says, “No one has called me. I have not spoken to anyone. So nothing is solved. Let me tell you that I vented only 20 per cent of the anger that I felt at the award function.

To tell you in a nutshell, the hosts of the show made fun of me saying that I make long movies, they made fun of Aamir, Neeraj Pandey, Anurag Kashyap, and every award presenter and award winner that came on stage.

Not done. Will not be allowed from now on! At any award function!! Awards are important. People must be honoured. Not disgraced and made fun of.

Every creative person works very hard to achieve recognition, fame, respect and dignity. That cannot be broken at an award night by a host whose duty is to host, whose duty is to honour the nominees.

Mazaak karne aur mazaak udaane mein farq hai! And let me also add here, that I love awards. And I will attend every award function whether nominated or not. I will always attend awards!”




(source of this info is here)

                                                                                                                            Really now its up to the viewers to decide who’s right and who’s wrong and express their views, as both them claim that the viewers and the audience are the final judge.…


  1. dunno what to say...

    guess pulling legs is always easy !

  2. I think Ashutosh Gowariker was right to a great extent !! Did watch the show .... I thought he might even hit Sajid ........ ;-)

  3. Absolutely, emotions sometime become too intense to keep under control ...

  4. Ashutosh Gowariker was absolutely right.

  5. Ashutosh gowarikar was absolutely right..
    Sajid and farah.. hopeless people just know to make fun of others.. who cares abt them.. ugly monsters..


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