Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kolkata Maidan … free for all …

  (Pictures from : The Telegraph) The court has made its directives clear early in 2007. But the Kolkata Maidan continues 

to be mailed by rallies repeatedly. Regardless of the orders by the court,  the offenders just go on with their business as usual. Banning of stoves and gases within 3kms Of Victoria Memorial and forbidding parking of cars in the Maidan, all went to deaf ears. One of most proud possession of Kolkata,  the Maidan, is no doubt losing its greenery at an amazingly fast rate. Cooking stoves and utensils prematurely kill the budding grasses. The smokes are continuously destroying our prestigious structure of the Victoria memorial. Potholes and car tires are not helping the greenery either. Rather more like a picnic spot, and people don’t even bother to reinstate the ground to its earlier state also, leaving the garbage and holes just like that. I really feel sad when pictures

like these appear in the newspapers often nowadays. When will all this end, when will our Maidan breathe again?? Crying


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