Thursday, February 26, 2009

Music in Anakhronos 2009

This is the fest in our college, the last and final one before we pass out. I couldn’t go because of some engagements, but didn’t forget to catch up with these videos from one of my close friends and his live detailed feedback. Jewelled by some stunning performances by the Anjan Dutta, who took out some of the very best songs from his bag which has made him almost immortal in Bengali music.

He was accompanied by his son Neel Dutta, and they together mesmerized the place with their brilliance. 2441139 is one of the immortal songs amongst Bengali contemporary music lovers, and it continues to weave its charm every time its sung, in an absolutely new way. Then he sang another song, Rhododendron..another cool, extremely cool song, enough to make the chill felt again which we missed so much this winter. The simple casual and monotonous
voice of the legendary Anajn Dutta continues to mesmerize the Bengalis as ever. Its serenity and tranquility can only be felt by hearing with one’s own ears…cant be expressed in words for sure.

Then there was some stunning performances by Vishal Dadlani..the extreme of the extreme performances..really a rare performance by any artist in this category I think. Jumping and dancing and screaming like hell, this

was one hell of a singer, or rather dancer, or performer I guess is the right word. Its really amazing how he could get the crowd on their feet so easily and make the atmosphere so electrifying. Incredible rush of adrenaline, and a tremendous amount of sense to judge the audience, accompanied by some excellent talent is what enabled him to drive the crowd crazzzzy that day and create mayhem. It was amazing how he could have so much
energy, as one of my friend’s rightly pointed out “he was moving too fast for any normal human”. Looks like this guy has along way to go if he carries on giving performances like this over the next few years. Anywayz, hope Anakhronos continues to rock year after year like. Some cool enjoyment for the students after studies throughout the year !!

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