Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Devil’s Advocate – Unmatched and unparalleled

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, chief minister of West Bengal, in a one-on-one interview with Karan Thapar. A really grim truth about the reality comes out in the forefront while the discussions progress.

Amazing, eh! But at least he answered all the questions. But here’s someone completely raffled by the continuous stream of questions. And see what happens in the end, a perfect finish off.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TCS Offer Letter 2009

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Finally got my offer letter after eagerly waiting for about about the last two months since I started hearing many colleges have been getting their offer letters. I went to Puri, Orissa on the 19th of March and returned today morning after giving puja and praying to Jagannath. Then I went to college for a test. Later while I was enjoying with my friends (as one of my friends who ranked 87 in GATE was giving us a treat), I got the sms of an email from TCS regarding the offer letter. Our joy knew no bounds :D … An extremely memorable moment ist1_4333554-laptop-successfor all of us. What a coincidence! I was forced to accept the fact that Lord Jagannath’s blessings on me has had immediate effect! :) I knew TCS treats its employees extremely well and being so kind on the freshers no doubt added another feather in its cap amidst this recession. Looking forward to dedicate my life to this company!!! Jai Ho TCS !! Here's tcs 2010 community!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Kabir Suman…

One of the brightest singers of the new generation, Suman Kaku had been my personal favorite since I was a kid, back in the early nineties. I simply loved the tone and melody of his songs. His bold stage performances single-handedly with the guitar, synthesizer and mouth-organ still fills me with awe, the same way it used to do when I was barely 10 years old. Some of my favorite songs by him

are “Hal Cherona Bondhu” (means “Never Give Up”) and “Kotota Poth Perole”, his very own translation of the historic “Blowin’ in the Wind” by Bob Dylan. I have added his stage-performances of those songs above :) To be very frank, apart from Barno Porichoy, I got my very first Bengali lessons from his books where he wrote his songs, by constantly hearing him on my tape recorder and matching his lyrics word by word. I also got my books signed by him twice at the Calcutta Book Fair, priceless to me now :) Pretty addicted to him you say!! Oh yeah, kind of :D. And I can’t even give up this craze even now. Coz in my mobile now you would find all his songs, including his Tagore songs which I really love.

Recently he is standing for the elections, for Trinamool.  He’ campaigning for Jadavpur. Am not getting into the party he likes or dislikes here, but I really want to relish the way he campaigns, absolutely extraordinary choice of words, language and articulation. One would get so engrossed in his speeches, even

Yuvraj and Sehwag batting together at their helm would fail to beat that!! Here’s a campaign he did during the Nandigram violence in West Bengal, his own style. Slightly modifying some words of his own song to bring that extra essence.
I just came across this new video by him which I thought of sharing with all, pretty ironical, so take it lightly folks!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It’s say the least..

Amazing what life brings with it. So much joy, so much successes to cherish, so many lovely people around us, so much to enjoy !! Its absolutely stunning to wonder there’s so much to do in life in this very short time we have. Being positive is absolutely ist2_7808634-big-group-of-young-jumping-peoplea mindset that I cant even leave for a moment, that had tried to make me a bit lazy at times, when I kicked start myself again :)  Being in the habit of overlooking even the most negative aspects of life, I sometimes make it oddly positive :P …later realizing it should have been negative :P. Some cool friends make this happening life more beautiful.. whereas some, in spite of infuriating me a little at times, become friends, the best of buddies as ever !! Things has really started happening a bit fast around over the past 11 months. Looking forward to more :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cute Birdie...

This cute bird fell of from its nest beside my house. My brother was quick enough to notice the chirpings of its family members and get it indoors :) …IMG_7349 Too young to walk or stand up, it’s got a new nest temporarily. And a new friend for my brother. He just kept brushing up his photography  skills with his new friend, who seemed pretty comfortable with us and enjoyed his milk and IMG_7300water and went to a deep sleep before waking up within an hour. But there seems to be some confusion  with identifying this bird. I leave it to my friends to try to give me some idea. I have added a picture of IMG_7316an adult bird of this type below which might be of help.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chaos rule !!

Some recent unwanted incidents happening in some engineering colleges in West Bengal. Students saying last semester’s questions were of far difficult standard than expected and weren’t given a hint of it, leading to a drastic fall in performanceist2_5528427-revolution-stencil standards of some quality students as well. Not all students suffered, but many who did, are talented and do come from colleges all across the state. Something really went wrong, as students erupting now in revolts and destroying college property, some even demanding removal of their hods. I believe the system should have taken care of its own competence to mould the students in way to face such challenging papers, else such incidents are inevitable, in spite of having all the right intentions for the same. Right now, indefinite postponement and boycotts are the buzzwords. It’s really really a very tricky situation, coz students who have fared well and bad, all are coming together now. Can’t see any bright outcome of this agitation Sad

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Indian Movie Slumdog Millionaire

It’s a bit really late to write on this now, a week gone by almost. But really the hype over Slumdog Millionaire, a pretty average film to me, has been on my mind for quite sometime now. The movie, in its true essence is an Indian movie. No doubt about it. Gordon Brown may be proud of it, but we are prouder than ever because of our success. A fully Indian cast, economic capital of India as the prime location, some of the most talented artists of India, with a few British technicians and crew members with director Danny Boyle, makes this movie stand  apart from the rest because of its blend of two cultures. But the movie can surely boast of its sole Indian essence. The criticism of the poverty portrayed was surely expected right from the time the film was being made am sure. But this is India, and I strongly feel had it not been for Danny Boyle, this film would have been gone absolutely unnoticed. A film which wouldn’t have bothered a fly. But I feel as Indians we need to accept the true facts that we are Indians, where poverty is really a big issue. We do tend to hide it under the carpet everywhere. Absolutely a very unwanted pragmatic approach to the issue for sure. 800 million of the Indians earn below 20/- a day. This is the irony of poverty. This is reality. And if someone depicts the reality, as a progressing nation, we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. We are trying to eradicate poverty, we have moved forward a lot in this field, and we need to progress further. So this unnecessary hype over criticizing the poverty is really not legible. We should be self-confident about ourselves and the state of our country and not just feel shy of getting it exposed to outsiders!! Slums are everywhere, don’t forget Pursuit of Happiness guys !! Movie Reviews

Email by SMS from now :D

I had been wondering whether there’s any other way I could do this without having a Blackberry. Today I saw an article on this. It lets the user register with his mobile number, setup email forwarding to the new email address he is provided with, ist2_377100-mobile-phoneand Bingo! It’s done :) The first month this company provides full service  for free, after that user may choose different plans they have, starting from a mere Rs.30 (1$=Rs.50), else user gets maximum 3 emails per day delivered to mobile. I guess this thing has started to look like an advertisement now :P . In fact I was completely overjoyed when I found it working, going to save a lot of my GPRS costs now. Anybody who want to get this stuff click here. It works even in the crappest phone :D