Sunday, March 01, 2009

Email by SMS from now :D

I had been wondering whether there’s any other way I could do this without having a Blackberry. Today I saw an article on this. It lets the user register with his mobile number, setup email forwarding to the new email address he is provided with, ist2_377100-mobile-phoneand Bingo! It’s done :) The first month this company provides full service  for free, after that user may choose different plans they have, starting from a mere Rs.30 (1$=Rs.50), else user gets maximum 3 emails per day delivered to mobile. I guess this thing has started to look like an advertisement now :P . In fact I was completely overjoyed when I found it working, going to save a lot of my GPRS costs now. Anybody who want to get this stuff click here. It works even in the crappest phone :D


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