Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TCS Offer Letter 2009

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Finally got my offer letter after eagerly waiting for about about the last two months since I started hearing many colleges have been getting their offer letters. I went to Puri, Orissa on the 19th of March and returned today morning after giving puja and praying to Jagannath. Then I went to college for a test. Later while I was enjoying with my friends (as one of my friends who ranked 87 in GATE was giving us a treat), I got the sms of an email from TCS regarding the offer letter. Our joy knew no bounds :D … An extremely memorable moment ist1_4333554-laptop-successfor all of us. What a coincidence! I was forced to accept the fact that Lord Jagannath’s blessings on me has had immediate effect! :) I knew TCS treats its employees extremely well and being so kind on the freshers no doubt added another feather in its cap amidst this recession. Looking forward to dedicate my life to this company!!! Jai Ho TCS !! Here's tcs 2010 community!

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  1. wow!!!

    Congrats :-)

    Times are such that jab tak u don't have offer letter in hand darr to lagta rehta hai....Good ur wishes worked :-)

  2. I also got the offer letter...Feeling the same way as u r...

  3. can feel how much happy,u would be..

    TCS is always the the best

  4. hi..

    Congrats... Do u have any idea of DOJ ? While accepting the offer letter we were asked to submit our tentative date of joining between may and dec.. So any chance tat v ll be called this yr. My seniors themselves joined this month only :(

  5. Congrats Bud !!! Happy .... When can I get my treat ?? ;-)

  6. Yar I still have not got d Offer letter even no one from my college,TCS has given Offer leeter to most of colleges in Kolkata,
    Is ds Common practise of TCS ?

  7. Hey Sunny,
    TCS has started giving offer letter very early this year, and most of us have got the offer letters, most colleges in Kolkata have got their offer letters from TCS...Hope you get your's one soon! :)

  8. Congratulations on geeting the offer letter..Hope you get the joinign soon, and more than that hope TCS puts up to your hope and expectations. Anyway, being and insider I know it definately will ;-))

  9. Can u tell me whether we are expected to get the news of our joining date in TCS by this August.I am worried vry much.

  10. still waiting for the DOJ... got the offer letter in March 09. no news about the medical :( .
    when will i get the DOJ ...any one ??

  11. hey guy...m from hyderabad...i got my offer letter this march 09...but havent got joining letter yet...not even any intimation about medical tests...our seniors had joined by dis time lasy year...i called up d recruitment head here in hyderabad but he said tht he too doesnt kno ntthng abt it...anybody knows whn will b get our joining...

  12. hi me got a mail form tcs yesterday that they are going to start recruting fresher from sept. last week.
    so joining letter has been sent to some college(a+ institute).
    mine insitiute(a) so would be in next batch

  13. I got only CL on 21 aug from TCS....my frnds got OL on 25th...but still many f tem nt rcvd OL....incluing me....So doj for us .?...we hv to experence uncertainty....(most f tem hv rejctd otr offrs for TCS nd nw we r expernceng uncertainty...dnt knw wen we get positive uncertainty)


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