Saturday, May 23, 2009

Knight Riders Fake IPL Player reveals his identity ... partially keeps his promise

The hype caused around the Knight Riders was no doubt bigger than anything else in the IPL. And for all the wrong reasons, the biggest being the fake IPL player. After much speculation of whether this player could be a player, an insider journalist or a training staff, the doubt still remains. To stay updated instantly when his identity is revealed click here! However, as promised by the fake IPL player, he did come to the forefront this week, but only as a shadow. In a video post titled 'FIP RIP', a shadow declares himself to be the fake IPL player.
"This is me the fake IPL player or FIP as you sometimes call me. It's been four weeks, 43 posts and about 70,000 comments till now. Behind all the grease paint, I am just another faceless guy. I grew up in Delhi, where I learnt my art. I have travelled and worked almost all over India," he says. Here’s what he had to say.

The blog became wildly popular during the IPL for its hilarious posts on the IPL teams and players. The blogger claimed that he was a fringe player in the Kolkata Knight Riders team who would never get a chance to be in the playing XI.
His posts ridiculing the Knight Riders and the rest of the IPL teams made him immensely popular among citizens and drew sharp reactions from the KKR management with the team's official website calling the blog an example of "poison-pen writing" !
"Actually I grew up on cricket. One of the earlier memories being that of grinning Kapil Dev running back to the pavilion after beating England in the 1983 World Cup semi-final. But somewhere along the faceless journey of life, I happened to get intimately exposed to cricket. From the Kings of Bollywood to the pimps of cricket and vice-versa," FIP says.
Claiming himself to be an insider, the blogger, who had opened an online poll asking citizens whether he should reveal his identity, ultimately stopped short of doing it.
"Yes I am an insider. I am the fly on the wall, the ghost in the darkness.”, he goes on with his eloquence.
"Being intimately involved, I think I saw a lot more happening that most people saw on TV. I saw so much. It will probably take me a book or two to spill it all in. But if I actually write a book, I will be history even if my book is not. Still, it is a story that has to be told," says the FIP.


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