Thursday, May 21, 2009

Infosys freshers news for 2009 batch

This information I got through one of my friends. Here’s an account of what he had to say. “We had a seminar for Infosys joinees 2009 in our college . One of the Infy HR personal told us that the benchmark for performance will be higher this time. That means we have to work harder inist2_3244391-the-agony-of-defeat this time of recession . Also he said that the training period will be between 4-6 months . The first phase will cover the basics(the length of first phase will vary for CS and non-CS students). After the first phase both the CS and non-CS students will be considered same. 2nd and 3rd phase will focus on specific technology like .NET , Java , Mainframe etc. He also said that Campus connect students(CCP) find it easy during the first phase. And the performance in the CCP online test wouldn't affect the joining dates etc.

Its going to be extremely tough for Infy joinees this time. Not only infy but all the companies are going to make it very difficult for us in this time of recession. So things not looking too bright for us.” Sad Hope the situation turns around soon!


  1. hey u got any fresh info wdr laptops r allowed or not

  2. @Vijay
    Until last year laptops were allowed in Infosys campus and hostels, it seems they have changed the rules & are no longer allowing laptops from this year. I have no official info, but see this


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