Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dhoni Captaincy .. Split Wide Open

It has been a really disappointing tour of the T20 WC for India, simply being knocked out without posing the slightest challenge to the worthy teams. It’s apparently very clear that Lady Luck has stopped favoring Dhoni, and he needs his instincts and decisions to fire appropriately to get back to his old ways. His recent body language after the loss simply was not worthy of a captain. Media should not be the slightest headache of a national team captain before a tournament as the World Cup, yet he got extremely furious and lost his cool and made this issue more important than the matches itself. 

In some special occasions he didn’t utilize India’s some main bowlers who bowled extremely well and gave some very important breakthroughs. So it simply doesn’t make sense not to finish the full quota of a bowler who is bowling good. Such technical mistakes are sure to make Dhoni think a lot before the West Indies tour. West Indies looked a more aggressive with their lethal bowling attack consisting of some classy pacers now. India will now have to come up with something special without Sachin and Zaheer to make a mark in this tour.

Dhoni’s captaincy has to go back to his old care-free, aggressive, pressure-less, crystal-clear thinking ways if he is to be the Dhoni we know of. The IPL is a vital issue that even if no one admits it, it is bound to cast a very important effect on India’s tours and tournaments immediately after the IPL every year. Good to see that Kirsten admitted it. Eventually I hope the BCCI also admits it and does something to save some our main international players like Dhoni, Sehwag, Zaheer and Yuvraj from the extreme fatigue. Making practice sessions optional is not the way out. Rather it is an excuse of giving the players a rest after the IPL. Too much advertising make them lose their focus? Well, who knows? I really wish the Indian think-tank addresses this issue and I am sure they will come up with something that will put an end to Indian cricket’s recent loss of form.



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