Friday, June 12, 2009

Google’s Chrome Experiments to showcase JavaScript applications

Yesterday I was using Google when suddenly Crash! The whole Google page fell apart! Just check out here what it looked like. Just joking guys! This is Google Chrome’s latest approach to JavaScript applications, just the beginning as they claim in their blog, to show case the power of JavaScript, which structured V8, Chrome’s superfast engine. JavaScripters fromGoogle-Experiments-with-V8-in-Chrome-2-0-Beta around the world started making such creative stuffs, just to showcase the awesome power this technology has. Want to see your Google page in the form of a Sphere? But it’s not all kiddish fun stuffs that we are talking about here.

There are some pretty awesome 3D graphics or flash-like animations, but the most app I liked was the video puzzles stretching across the full screen. For Tetris lovers or the vintage Ball dropping game its all there. A very fine app on Homeostasis as well. Try playing Chess or sketching Physics bodies that takes their own shapes instantly. It show cases JavaScript’s virtually unlimited opportunities. But these apps are nothing as Google claimed, but just the beginning. We are in fact looking to a world of limitless opportunities with this advent! What do you think?


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