Saturday, June 20, 2009

Laptop Review .. price, feature, durability, ergonomics ..

Amongst the various brands of laptops available, some of the top brands really provide a tough time for the consumers to choose their product. Various issues like the price, style, features, durability etc of the products come into account. Whilst one rocks in one segment, the other rocks in a different segment, so it’s pretty tough to decide the one that is appropriate for one’s exact needs.

Here you can see what various readers have felt about some of the features of the top brands. You are free to share your views with other readers below. Your opinions would be priceless to others who are really looking to buy a decent laptop for their needs. Just choose a brand and answer the following questions.

Have something more to share? Just submit in the form below. Your views and comments would be very valuable for the readers here.


  1. Nice comparisons! Cool Site.

  2. nice one... what r u doing with the survery btw?

  3. nice one... what r u going to do with the survey btw?


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