Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Got a camera phone and know Photoshop? You virtually have a digital camera.

In this digital age today if you are not using a cell phone from the Stone Ages, you have a camera attached with it. If it’s above 2 megapixel you are surely taking photos decently. But have you ever thought of that SLR camera and wished only if you could possess one?

Yeah, all of us at the beginning wish we could possess stuffs like the Canon 50D or the 60D but haven’t yet got a hand on it yet.

But you can do a lot of stuffs with your digital camera as well, surely not those high-end pics you get by a camera, but far better than what you thought your mobile camera could achieve. You just need to know a bit of Adobe Photoshop. You would be surprised at the amount of stuffs you can do with this cool software. Just get hold of a few pics you have taken by your camera. Open them with Photoshop, now try these few things out.
* Go to Image->Adjustments->Hue/Saturation. Now slide the sliders and experiment.
* Go to Image->Adjustments->Brightness/Contrast. Again try out experimenting.
* Go to Filter->Noise->Reduce Noise. Do until it looks fine to you.
* Go to Filter->Sharpen->Smart Sharpen. Keep sharpening until you are satisfied. But don’t forget the noise you get with it.

These are some extremely basic Photoshop settings and techniques to get started. On prolonged use, there’s virtually a gold mine hidden behind this software. Sky is the limit and while using Photoshop on your photos, you can enhance them and make them almost at par with some digital cameras! Do they say “It’s artificial!”, tell them why do they change their settings in their cameras then!!


  1. Cool :) I dont know when i will possess one DSLR but i can do a lot by my Digicam and other softwares. Photoshop, i use rarely :) I find it too complex :)

  2. Yeah but Photoshop offers so much features that it is surely tough to be beaten by anything.

  3. very interesting!
    i've been meaning to learn Photoshop more elaborately but never got around to it. i simply have to!


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