Saturday, July 04, 2009

South Point High School opts for CBSE board along with West Bengal Board

South Point High School, Kolkata has got approval from the School Education Authorities to keep CBSE Board besides it’s existing famous West Bengal Board which churns out some of the best students in the state. Now it seems only a matter of time before the CBSE authorities approve this affiliation request. This system is expected to be applied 2010 onwards. This news has been announced by the Principal at the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony at Science City today.

n6303231994_1520This news comes as a new milestone for this 55 year old heritage. A bengali news channel showed clippings of this news today. As an ex-Pointer, it feels good to say the least. Students will now be able to prepare at par with the syllabus of some of the coolest all India exams like IIT-JEE and AIEEE. Some pressure will also be relieved from the students if they choose this board as syllabus will be much lighter compared to West Bengal board. Students can choose their board before class lX or after their class X exams. But there is uncertainty whether students currently in class Vlll will be able to avail this new system.

With the school keeping the option for both the boards open, it is sure to add a nice feather in the cap for the school, as now students have more options open while aspiring for various streams and avenues for higher studies. They will have option to choose a board after class Vlll final exams. The impacts of this system are yet to be seen, though they are sure to beneficial to the students, in more ways than one. With opportunities of higher studies and jobs widening everyday, this is sure a good move for the education system in the state.


  1. true...
    they can take a leaf out of kerala where all three boards co-exist. ICSE (ISC), CBSE as well as state syllabus. it's a matter of choice what u go for...

  2. now kolkata students will also start doing well in iit-jee and aieee

  3. Nice, I'm in VIII and will get a chance to choose next year.........


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