Friday, July 17, 2009

TCS Q1 Results : Tata Consultancy Services announces Q1 FY 2009-2010 result, freshers rejoice!

Updates on TCS 2009 Batch TCS Joining Date 2009 Batch

TCS has finally released their Quarter 1 results for the Financial year 2009-10. Amongst others, freshers who are awaiting joining dates were really eager to see how they fare. And the good news has arrived. TCS will start to call freshers from this quarter itself. You cannot be sure when they will give joining dates to your college, but people say they call according to the rankings of the colleges. An official assurance for us after a long time!

In a press conference, some of the main points expressed by TCS are -
-Maintained vigor in pricing deals
-Focus on pharma, energy and utility sectors showing result
-Telecom, manufacturing and IT sectors under pressure
-Lower costs, lower forex loss increased dividend in Q1
-Forex hedging loss stood at Rs 85 crore versus Rs 195 crore (QoQ)
-Forex loss to come down further due to less outstanding hedges
-Cost management efforts yielded better margins at 24.83%
-Moved to more offshoring in Q1
-Q1 volume growth stood at 3.54%
-Earnings/share at Rs 7.83 versus Rs 6.59 (YoY)
-Revenue from new clients at 0.3% versus 0.4% (YoY)
-2009 Batch recruits will start getting joinings in Q2 (July-Sept 2009)
-Fresh campus recruitments to start in January 2010
-Net Profit up 15% Quarter-to-Quarter at Rs. 1,534 crore

Campus offers:
The campus offers made for the current fiscal totaled 24,885. TCS has made about 111 job offers to prospects for its development centre in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Of these, 99 have accepted offers,while 38 have joined. It may be recalled that with the help of tax rebates and grants from the Ohio State government, TCS inaugurated the centre in March, 2008. The project aims to create 1,000 jobs there over three years.

Discretionary spending from clients is still under pressure and discretionary projects are sporadic, according to N. Chandrasekaran, Executive Director and COO, TCS. Discretionary spends are those that IT decision-makers in client companies decide on a continuous basis, using their discretion, as opposed to IT budgets for their companies fixed once a year.

In their official site TCS said:
* 24,885 campus offer were made in FY09. They would start joining us from Q2 onwards.
* Campus visits in FY10 would start in Q4 when students are in their last semester.

Though the results may not be mind-blowing, but surely a very comfortable one and something which will assure freshers and the employees alike of a stable future. With the 2010 batch of students to be recruited from January 2010 onwards, it surely is a great news for the 2009 batch whose joinings will start in Q2 as their anxious waiting days are sure to become lot more calm now!

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  1. harry: hi rahul. did they say really? They have talked of only fresh campus recruitements programme that is going to start in January 2010.

  2. @harry
    Yes buddy, the 2010 issue got highlighted, but they also talked about us :) .. You won't get any rumours in my blog!

  3. thats awesome news... if true. hope so...

  4. hey rahul are you sure tcs will start calling 2009 pass out from july to sep 2009. im 2009 pass out from west bengol.. plz share the source from where u got dis nwz.waiting for ur repli.. utsav male ranchi

  5. tats great yaar.. u made us relaxed by tis awesome news.. thanks a lot :)

  6. harry: okay rahul. If thats true then its the good news for us. I am reading ur blog from many days. Its good. From which college r u from?

  7. @utsav sarkar
    As I told you, whatever you are seeing here has been said by TCS on 17th July, 2009. To verify, plz follow these steps -

    1. Visit this link

    2. See slide 19

    If you find it useful please share this with your friends :)

  8. @Dhana
    You are welcome buddy :)

  9. @Harry
    Oh thank you so much for being my loyal reader :) I am from a college in Kolkata under WBUT. What about you?

  10. harry: I am from a college in Andhra-pradesh under JNTU. Last year in which month did your seniors receive call letters?

  11. thanks,4 gr8 news
    well i had read about profit but i did not go in so much depth
    thanks again

  12. We had pre-ilp in our collg. but we had no news of DOJ..this blog relieved us a lot.thnku. :)

  13. hey thats gr8 news.. hope that is true..

  14. hmm...its my persional blog dude....but if u need ny info regarding abt Pre-ILP..m ready 2 unite bolg 2gether...

  15. ya sure...please check my blog on 25 aug...m going 2 put all materials and programs regarding Pre-ILP....(in 1 zipped folder)....


  17. Any idea when Sairam Engineering college , chennai students will get a call? cos last year our college was the last to be called :(

  18. ya rahul.. sairam students badly in need of der DOJ :( any idea abt it??

  19. will tcs come to recruit students from sri venkateshwara college of engineering,chennai.. if any one has any info? ..please let me know


  20. hello i m shubhangi.i m 2010 batch student and i got placed on 13 feb 2010.when will i will be called.i haven't got interim there is any site where i get list of student who got placed.


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