Sunday, August 16, 2009

Accenture joining date for 2009 batch

At a time when everything is looking uncertain in the global economy, Accenture delivered their high performance by declaring the joining dates for some of the freshers on 31st August. Ecstatic mood amongst all freshers can be seen in social networking sites like Orkut etc. Freshers placed in other companies who haven’t got the joining yet are keeping their fingers crossed.

The Accenture freshers have got placed in places like Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai etc. But most colleges are waiting, only some colleges like NIT and few others have got their joining dates. The mood sure is optimistic now that the process of induction has started and the remaining freshers getting in is just a matter of time. Here is a collection of links and stuffs they might find useful.

Hope all the companies provide the joining dates to the freshers soon. The market is also looking pretty optimistic, things also seem to be settling down and everything would be over by 2011 as everyone is predicting. So simply hoping for the best, the situation for the next few batches doesn’t seem to be that bad after all. 


  1. I am a student n got placed in accenture last year through d campus placements but the joining has yet not come... except a few cllgs ... when (by how much time) will d rest batch gt their joining calls..? Will it b this year or we will have to wait till next yr cz I hvnt applied nywhr else too ..!

  2. I am a BE grad 4m Mumbai university 2009 batch,placed in accenture thru campus, do u have ny idea dat wht cud be d probable doj, as i m relying on accenture,,
    r dey hiring collg wise or there is some other yardstick


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