Saturday, August 01, 2009

Best Image Search Engine|Tool Online

If you are looking to find great quality images and photos, this tool, called Kewll, may be just the one you need. Get it here. Already with hundreds of users, it is really making heads turn. With the world’s top photo sites listed into it, it will provide the best of the images on a particular keyword in just a click. Hence the need to keep looking across sites for that one nice picture you would choose has just been made simpler. The top quality photos and images from all across the online world virtually provided to you just a few clicks away.

Some of the sites searched by Kewll include Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Google Images, Yahoo Images, Bing Images, Compfight, Webshots, Photobucket, Imagery, Getty Images, AltaVista, Ask, Pixsy, Picsearch, Corbis and more. Feel free to suggest more options in the Kewll tab and they get added soon.

Here are some of the screenshots for the search term “macaw” using Kewll. Many of the images have copyrights and restrictions associated with them, so just check out before using them.


  1. whoa! that looks awesome! but will that toolbar pick up images from private parties as well?? wont that lead to copyright issues as u mentioned?

  2. The toolbar doesn't pickup images. It just gives you options to search sites that have already indexed millions of images.


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