Wednesday, August 05, 2009

File sharing services review

With what seems like the most useful tools for anyone looking to transfer or share files online, online file hosting and sharing is getting tremendous importance and exposure like ist2_9445280-shared-foldersnever before. Needless to say, hundreds of services have started offering such features.  Few of them look promising however. With reviews by users shared here, it is going to be extremely easy to analyze which beats the other in what segment. Some of the top sites like SkyDrive, Rapidshare, MediaFire has also been included to make the competition tougher for the rest. FileDEN, FileQube and FileFactory are some of the sites that badly needed this kind of review because of the features and packages they provide. Feel free to share your views on any service about which you have the slightest idea..

With the reviews so far submitted, here is a brief summary. Click "Finish" on right bottom of this box below to see the results. (Needs Adobe Flash). To use this chart, select anyone in the top right side from   . Dotted one will represent each service by dots and size of dots will represent how good it is. The bars chart represents the services by bars and heights of bars indicates the quality. For example, if you are using the bars chart, select an attribute from the extreme left side. Check the services on the right bottom you want to compare. Double click on the bars to check them. For each attribute on the left side do like this. Choose colors on top right to differentiate more easily. Enjoy!

You can also use this. Just select “Define groupings and calculations” below and add “Service Provider” to “Group by” column. Click “Next”. Select “Average” for each of the features. Select “Ok”. Now you will be presented with the average score of each service as submitted by the readers. Click the “-“ sign beside each of the service providers if you don’t want to see the details.


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