Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free eBooks download

The above search engine, called Kewll, searches some of the most popular sites for eBooks. Almost every time returning a satisfactory result, users no doubt keep returning to use it often. Several new sites for downloading eBooks props up everyday. Kewll doesn't index each an every site obviously, but only the most relevant and quality sites. If you own a site or want to suggest a new site you can share here.

ist2_8909613-online-information With a vast collection of technology related, programming languages, literature and other categories, it has become very easy to find just the book we want with this. Obviously, this engine is not a store house of these books, it simply indexes the sites already present. So the copyright issues and other things have already been taken care of by those sites I hope. With so many users reading books online nowadays this is sure to be useful in more ways than one. You can bookmark this page to use this search engine whenever you want to and share it with friends.

With the world on online books growing at a faster pace than ever, several sites will continue to be added to this search engine over the years to provide as efficient results as possible. Hope you find your stuffs!


  1. What kind of name is Kewll? I think I've heard it before... anway, great post. I would like to feature it on my web publication.

  2. thanks for the info! :) Though i would preper a hardcopy rather than an ebook for recreation purpose, i love my professional books as ebooks!

  3. @Ankur
    Thanks a lot. Looking forward to see your publication.


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