Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pune Engineering Colleges ranking

This is another one of the most sought after ranking list with so many engineering colleges in Pune. After the West Bengal engineering colleges list, Orissa engineering college list, Tamil Nadu engineering colleges list and Mumbai engineering colleges list, I got several requests to make another one for Pune as well. This list will keep updating itself. Feel free to share your views below. Some of the key factors that had been taken into consideration are the starting and ending ranks of some of the top streams, feedbacks from students studying in these colleges regarding the faculty, placement, infrastructure and various other factors.

(Just submit the survey form below with your "View" as "Collaborator". You will be contacted shortly.)

This list is updated regularly based on several feedbacks on various issues and criteria. With such a robust concept behind building this list, it seems very likely to be standing the test of time over the years to come.



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