Friday, August 07, 2009

TCS CEO assures freshers of joining in Q3

In an event in Kolkata amidst talks of strengthening the product line-up to position the company for the future, Mr. Ramadorai assured that freshers will be joining from Q3 of the current financial year. People who were the least worried can breathe easy now.

Here is what he said as reported in the Economic Times, “These recruits will join us from third quarter onwards. We will balance our domestic and international hiring. While a large


number of fresh hiring will take place in India, but in strategic overseas locations we will hire foreign nationals.”

So hiring and joining of both domestic and international candidates will continue parallely. With the economic situation not absolutely stable, many companies are looking to expand their growth and client base globally. With some of the top companies as TCS’s clients, surely they have lot of work to recruit and train people to keep the system running smoothly. A fresh wind of hope again for the freshers.


  1. hello

    May I know wether those who are not pursuing pre-ILP even if their colleges are having it. Will they get joining????

  2. hi....
    It was nice that TCS CEO assures freshers of joining in Q3 .but what about medical Test ????

  3. also when in Q3 at start or at end of Q3
    hope we wl get our joining this year....... we r getting bored ...........any suggestions for time pass ie. any beneficial course or part time job???

  4. things are not as clear as seem,,,ceo is going to be replaced,,,and wen it comes to new ceo he will deliver new policies and strategies,,so what the promises are being made by Ramadorai ,,no one going to follow .How can he plan for oct. when he wil be out of the scene. no one can claim of his stmts.
    so succintly , m saying i wil take time for doj's and other inductions of company even for the ppl working in tcs.

    ----said by one of my relative in tcs.cant reveal name and position.

  5. I heared that iit colleges got doj...
    is it true?pl some one reply

  6. for which college tcs conducted pre-ilp...
    plz reply...

  7. hi am from sastra university.. in our col pre ilp prg was cndcted...........any one pl tell me tat on wat basis medical checkups are conductin? ... still we didnt get any info abt tat?.. how many col in tamilnadu medical check up gets over?

  8. hii... will anyone tell me that the change in ceo (ramadorai-->chandrasekaran) will ve any impact on doj???

  9. today i read in deccan herald that tcs will give joining to freshers in q1 of next financial year means april '10 friends.. ):

  10. BMS college has got joining in sept

  11. hi. I'm from ShankaraCharya college Bhillai.
    I was selected in Feb 2008.
    Can any body tell me when there is the joining 4 our college??
    If any body has any idea that the joining is on the basis of college ranking or on the order of recruitment??

    Please answer my questions......

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  13. after got selected in TCS do they call(phone) students to submit their resume...


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