Thursday, August 06, 2009

Why Bing would be an eternal threat to Google

This competition is no doubt one of the greatest in the Internet at present. This is also between the two biggest honchos in the market at present and none of them seem to really take the beating hands down from the other. Equipped with lots of innovative strategies and their awesome search engine, Google, the undoubted king of the internet right now has been expanding by leaps and bounds over the last few years with their services like Gmail, Orkut, YouTube, Blogger etc. But Microsoft, however Google-bingharder they seem to try couldn’t break into any field except their Windows XP platform  which continue to run across millions of PCs across the world now.

But here comes Bing, Live search rejuvenated in a completely new avatar and threatening Google search like never before. It clearly has its priorities sorted out. Doing things Google doesn’t do and doing things which they didn’t make Live search do but Google did. All in all, a match for Google after their domination of the market for 11 years. Bing is doing things in an extremely flashy stylish way. It beats Google hands down in the Video search. As you can see here, just taking your mouse over a video makes it start playing.

But this is no reason at all for Googlers to move away to Bing! On the contrary, most my friends including me are sticking to Google because of it’s awesome quality of search results, user-friendly interfaces and innovativeness. But Microsoft too want to be sole leader in the market, with already ruling the operating system segment, they want the internet market back from Google no doubt. So they will be constantly monitoring Google as Google has to keep a watch out for them. So it’s a close war for quite some time now!


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