Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TCS NextStep portal facing severe strain

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TCS has made it really simple for selected candidates to keep their selves updated regarding the developments in the company with their NextStep portal. TCS also uploads relevant information and documents regarding the freshers who can then easily download them. The best part if obviously security (as all candidates are provided with their own unique passwords, an excellent step taken by TCS to ensure security) and convenient ease of use (since candidates can easily login and get their stuffs in absolutely no time).

Till now everything was fine, but the a small crisis started when TCS asked it’s 24,885 selected candidates to download their offer letters within a fixed deadline. Each an everyone kept trying to login (even if 25k not together, but surely approx 6-7k could well be trying simultaneously), bringing the site to an absolutely standstill. The site refused to even load under this inhuman load. Google trends showed the search term “nextstep tcs” had a search trend which was ”volcanic” in hotness. No doubt, this site is under extreme stress right now and hope there is some solution.

However, in spite of this trouble, at times the site is functioning properly. Bit by bit, few students are being able to get their offer letters. However, the major portion of the selected candidates are still in the dark and are trying to log in to the site whole day. I only wish if some of us could stop for sometime letting others download, and then we would download ours. Hope this situation really gets solved soon. But I have full faith in TCS, which being the #1 company, will solve this problem easily.

How to download the offer letter successfully? A few tips.

1. Use Internet Explorer (any version)
2. Visit the site during odd hours (eg. at night around 2a.m.)
3. After clicking “Download” wait for 30 seconds.
4. Help your friends by signing out of the site after you have finished once.
5. If all fails, contact your TPO at the earliest!


  1. I have already taken the printout of the offer letter long back. Please tell me that do I have to take the print out again.I came to know when I read this article.Please send me a mail for the reply at
    It will very thankfull.Thanks bye

  2. @Mehul
    Yeah, TCS candidates got a revised offer letter last week. They were informed by mail. Weren't you?

  3. Mehul
    But we havent received such a mail
    And also tell me about the password is it the same or it has changed.I m facing problems in opening the next step portal.Also tell me about the expiry date of the offer letter.
    I am really worried.Please tell me .
    I am from K.J.Somaiya Mumbai

  4. @Mehul
    As it appears from the communities, all details are same as before. Expiry date is a fortnight I think. See my nextstep article to see a few tips on downloading the offer letter.

  5. im trying between 1 am to 6 am for the past 4 days... but no luck...

  6. exactly me 2..tried at odd hrs but no use..
    why dont tcs people try some optimization & support more traffic. are freshers like us supposed to suggest them ways? n they demand tat v can experience certainty!!..this is the condition of asia's no1 IT company..huh!

  7. i have been trying at odd hrs..but d site is not opening..some f my frenz hv downloaded ..wat to do next?

  8. Yaaa...same situation here..i even mailed to tcs officials regarding the problems faced in accepting the offer letter but got no reply from them. I am really worried what to do if I am not able to accept the offer letter?

  9. hi i have accepted my offer letter but i had problem in downloading my offer i tried it from the beginning but now i'm not able to get it . the result wat i get is system is under heavy load i have been trying for the past 4 days after accepting my offer letter its all in vain. i had no replies for my mail to tcs regarding this wat should i do please help me

  10. ya same prob ..i also accepted but unable to the site is not opening...wat to do next???

  11. Steps:
    1.Open Internet Explorer

    2. Open 2 tabs

    3. In 1 tab enter URL [] and activate it

    4. Enter Login ID, Password , Select 2009 and Click to accept terms.

    5. Copy the following URL, including #

    6. (This step u need to do fast with in 2-3seconds )

    In 1 tab click Login,
    Immediately switch to 2 tab paste above URL and hit Enter ( Activate link)

    Wait for two seconds, u will get download option in 2nd tab..

    [Note:Ensure that in Internet options > Advanced > Security
    Allow active content to run in files on My Computer is Enabled ]

  12. hi i ve downloaded mine easily following these steps
    NOTE: plz use only nd only Internet Explorer and before doing this
    open IE, go to tools, internet options, advanced and enable allow
    active content in files to run on my computer restart u IE………. Then

    step-1 click on ,
    enter your details, check 2009 batch nd accept terms nd condition..
    but don't click on LOGIN BUTTON..

    step-2 keep your second hand on F5 button but don't press it now.. but
    ready 2 pess it..

    step-3 now just after clicking login button immediately prees dat F5
    button thru your second hand...

    step-4 now you r in your welcome page..

    step-5 but ven u click on ILP CORNER the
    n it will not show offer letter tab button... what u need to do is
    that copy this link nd
    paste it in the same window of WELCOME PAGE nd press enter..

    step-6 now u all get what u all want.... every thing...


  13. hi,
    i have not recieved any mail regarding the revised offer letter but still i tried day n n8 to login into tcs portal..but its used to say dat "system is under heavy load,plz try later"..luckily in the morning i was able to login but it says my download period has expired.....
    I have not yet accepted my revised offer letter...what should i do?????i am really tensed...plz help me....

  14. hi
    i followed wat jancy told. It worked!!!!! Thank u very much jancy

  15. ramya..sep27th

    hey :(

    i have accepted the offer but unable to download it..tried out everything,,very very tensed...

    plzz help me

  16. actually i hav dwnloded offr letr without any problm but my friend was unable to dwnload offr lettr nd i hav follwd d steps of rudram nd i successfully dwnloaded the offr lettr.

  17. Anand M
    hey guys those who have not yet downloaded the OL
    or unable to download the letter follow the steps mentioned by rudram its is the ultimate wayto get ur letter

  18. Anand Mogali
    can anybody know when TCS is going to call we people,we already gave the date while downloading the letter,are they going to call at same date

  19. thanks rudram you are a life saver!!!

  20. Hi,
    I had successfully accepted the offer letter on TCS portal but that time I was not able to download the offer letter , next day when I tried I did not find any option of offer letter in TCS portal instead of offer letter there was an option of ILP please tell me how can I download my offer letter again.....??

  21. HI,

    I'm from 2010 batch and Even i had the same problem. couldn't download offer letter even though i'd accepted. the OFFER LETTER option had disappeared.

    I found a solution by which i was able to download it.

    >Open INTERNET EXPLORER and enable internet options>advanced>security>allow active contents to run files in my comp. Restart internet explorer.

    >Login to with ur ID and password.

    >copy the link given below and paste it in the same window u have opened and press enter.

    >ur offer letter will be downloaded. save it.

    >Enter ur CT number as offer letter password and open it!!!!!

  22. what to do.....actually i miss to fill the date within the 7 days....reply me on

  23. my offer letter is not opened with my offer letter password.....plz help me out...

  24. vivek u are a life saver mannnn! im leavin for my training tomoro and i dint have th offer i have it! thanks mate!!

  25. hi...m pooja n every time tat i try to open, it says connection is untrusted..i dunno wat to do..besides, dont even know wat user name and password i'm supposed to be it ta 1 they gave us in ta hall ticket mail??? plz help:( contact me on

  26. THANKS A LOT for tellin abt offer letter

  27. Hi, i'm mythili i missed my CT number. I have only number DT20100744485. But when i login it shows please check your login details. if any one have a suggestion help me. please...

  28. help me to apply to tcs
    i have user id and password
    but it always shows “system is under heavy load” when ever i press login button

  29. i have to login before 21st of this month. plz help me

  30. i entered tcs compus portal but i did a mistake instead of V R siddhartha engg college,i entered as siddhartha engg college please tell me how to correct my CT number is CT20120597958

  31. l

    hi ,this is swarnapriya pursing final year btech am unable to get campus portal ctno in tcs next step my problem is aftering filling all my details after cliking submit its not terminating to next page and i didn't get dt/ctno till now i have to update ctno with my hod am tensed as tcs oncampus on oct 20th so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me am tensed


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