Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TweetMeme : Storehouse of hot Twitter topics

Many sites have already added the “Retweet” button to their articles as you can see here also. As one retweets the article, a “RT @tweetmeme” is added in front of the tweet. And the articles gets retweeted with the title of the article.TweetMeme TweetMeme simply sees which particular link has been retweeted how many times, and then arranging the top articles in their home page. This apparently simple widget of a retweet button they have developed have been so widely used across so many sites that it’s no wonder how popular and attractive TweetMeme is set to become soon.

The only reason TweetMeme will continue to flourish (a lot like Digg is doing now) is it is becoming a collection of some of the top articles and as seen in the TweetMeme site, they are divided into categories. For example try searching any topic below and you will get some of the most tweeted results.

The search results are mostly pretty satisfactory, along with some stats provided beside. So it seems TweetMeme is going a long way with no serious competitor as such!!


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