Sunday, September 06, 2009

What is Infosys Campus Connect?

It is training program conducted in various colleges by Infosys to prepare the freshers on various topics and fields to make them industry ready. Most of the topics covered help the students apply their knowledge in the practical field. Though non-CS/IT students would  benefit a lot from it, it is also useful for CS/IT students to brush up their skills.

The official website is here. Students can join the portal to become part of the system and get materials to prepare themselves for the exams. They are also available in various blogs and communities across the web. To get a glimpse click this button, confirm the mail you get and see the bottom of the mail. All the materials are by Infosys and related rights are also theirs. So some links may not work if the owners of those blogs have removed them. However, these should suffice for quite some time.

Students who have undergone the program would be made to sit for a test on joining Infosys. Based on that they would be categorized for lesser or further training, which in either way, is not fatal. Even without doing the course if one just goes through the materials thoroughly it would be helpful as it would help learning and clearing useful concepts. Students or candidates of any company or placed in any organization would be benefitted by having a clear understanding of these relevant concepts. Keep in touch here.


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