Sunday, December 06, 2009

Opera Mini: Most popular mobile browser

The world’s most popular mobile browser, Opera Mini, has recently crossed the 35 million users mark. With no near rival in sight apart from Apple’s Safari browser in iPhone, Opera is surely going to rule with their ever increasing speed and efficiency, a browser that really makes surfing across all sites a breeze and very fast.

As Opera claims, it also compresses the data in websites to save bandwidth and Kbs for its users, however small they might be. So users no doubt cling to this excellent service. Have a look at some of the other features here. Users of nearly any standard mobile set can use it. That’s the main reason behind the huge success of this popular browser.

A small stat below shows how fast and rapidly it has spread amongst the users. Hope Google comes out with something in this segment of the market and take the competition to a different level altogether!

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  1. Hi, I noticed that the old opera logo is used on the page. Would you consider updating it. It can also make the site look more attractive to new visitors.
    You can get the new opera logos here:


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