Monday, December 28, 2009

E-Book Readers: Battle like never before

Amazon’s Kindle is the most talked about stuff that is selling like anything right now. Though e-books are not likely to replace books in any time soon, but the craze of portability and getting to read lots of stuff in a single device has shot up the fascination for this gadget. There are various criteria to look out for before buying one like the formats supported, storage capacity, card types supported and their capacities and of course the screen sizes.

Here is a quick preview of all the brands and some related relevant specifications. Sony’s Reader and Amazon’s Kindle leads in the market though at the time being. Am looking to go for either one soon, though not decided yet on which one as the features and prices throw up a tricky situation with the screen sizes, memories and wireless connectivity.

Conventional books will no doubt face a competition but very feeble of course as these readers will take years, or even ages to give any competition to them, if at all.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Facebook to have new Privacy Controls

Facebook, the popular networking site, is finally rolling out some of the much talked about and desired privacy control features. From now on each post made by the user will have privacy control settings by which he can set the visibility to whoever he wants it. Till now individual posts didn’t have this facility and only one setting existed by which all the posts can be set to a specific privacy level.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has written an open letter to all it’s users about this change which will surely have a large impact on the current and future developments of this company.
We’re adding something that many of you have asked for — the ability to control who sees each individual piece of content you create or upload. In addition, we’ll also be fulfilling a request made by many of you to make the privacy settings page simpler by combining some settings. If you want to read more about this, we began discussing this plan back in July.

Since this update will remove regional networks and create some new settings, in the next couple of weeks we’ll ask you to review and update your privacy settings. You’ll see a message that will explain the changes and take you to a page where you can update your settings. When you’re finished, we’ll show you a confirmation page so you can make sure you chose the right settings for you. As always, once you’re done you’ll still be able to change your settings whenever you want.

We’ve worked hard to build controls that we think will be better for you, but we also understand that everyone’s needs are different. We’ll suggest settings for you based on your current level of privacy, but the best way for you to find the right settings is to read through all your options and customize them for yourself. I encourage you to do this and consider who you’re sharing with online.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You In? Yahoo spreads ripples of kindness around the world in 129 characters

Yahoo has struck upon an innovative campaign where users share their small acts of kindness in as little as 129 characters which gets mapped in a world map based on their privacy settings and then can ask their friends or other people “You In?” . The site is really at a very basic stage but looks promising given the concept of microblogging backing it and innovativeness of Yahoo.

The site till now has had only 206 updates from users.With lots of more holidays and Christmas coming soon it is sure to overflow with some real cool updates to look out for. It’’’ be interesting to see how Twitter and You In? counters each other if this campaign takes off in a massive way.

Here is how Yahoo puts it:

“ Help us create a ripple of good around the world with purple acts of kindness. Update your status to share what you're doing to spread holiday joy, then inspire others to join you by asking, "You in?"

Yahoo! will also be doing our own purple acts of kindness inspired by your updates. So whether you pay for someone's groceries or drop off a coat for the homeless, you'll be encouraging people around the world to join in acts of kindness.”

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Opera Mini: Most popular mobile browser

The world’s most popular mobile browser, Opera Mini, has recently crossed the 35 million users mark. With no near rival in sight apart from Apple’s Safari browser in iPhone, Opera is surely going to rule with their ever increasing speed and efficiency, a browser that really makes surfing across all sites a breeze and very fast.

As Opera claims, it also compresses the data in websites to save bandwidth and Kbs for its users, however small they might be. So users no doubt cling to this excellent service. Have a look at some of the other features here. Users of nearly any standard mobile set can use it. That’s the main reason behind the huge success of this popular browser.

A small stat below shows how fast and rapidly it has spread amongst the users. Hope Google comes out with something in this segment of the market and take the competition to a different level altogether!