Monday, December 28, 2009

E-Book Readers: Battle like never before

Amazon’s Kindle is the most talked about stuff that is selling like anything right now. Though e-books are not likely to replace books in any time soon, but the craze of portability and getting to read lots of stuff in a single device has shot up the fascination for this gadget. There are various criteria to look out for before buying one like the formats supported, storage capacity, card types supported and their capacities and of course the screen sizes.

Here is a quick preview of all the brands and some related relevant specifications. Sony’s Reader and Amazon’s Kindle leads in the market though at the time being. Am looking to go for either one soon, though not decided yet on which one as the features and prices throw up a tricky situation with the screen sizes, memories and wireless connectivity.

Conventional books will no doubt face a competition but very feeble of course as these readers will take years, or even ages to give any competition to them, if at all.


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