Saturday, May 29, 2010

TCS looking for 10% incremental growth from cloud computing

India's top software services exporter Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is eyeing to gain 10% incremental growth from cloud computing.

While talking to reporters, Mr. N Chandrasekharan, TCS CEO stated that the newest domain in the computing world gave the company an opportunity to make new business models.

''We already have three platforms on cloud computing. The first two for rural banks and the SMB sector were being implemented in India and a BPO model for the world wide distribution,'' Mr. Chandrasekharan said.

Cloud Computing service had been set up in more than 2,000 cooperative and agriculture banking institutions in the rustic regions. The module for SMB sector had 60 pilot customers so far. Through cloud computing customers bring down their IT spend substantially and take the service on cloud on pay per use model,'' he said.

In the BPO platform for the international market zone, the company had introduced five platforms. Mr. Chandrasekharan also said that none of these cloud computing offerings had brought good revenue to the company thus far.

''We are all in the early stages of adoption. Cloud computing for the enterprise world is still small. It is not like off shoring of applications or services,'' he said. Future holds bright for cloud computing which usher in a paradigm shift in computing. But adoption would take some time. (from