Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blogger Blog Security: Disable Right Click, Disable Text Selection

All of us, into blogging or engaged in online activities, at sometime or the other has faced the issue of our images and own articles being copied to other sites without our permission. This causes annoying to no doubt. So you can at least take steps to minimize it, cause we can’t entirely prevent it. Here are some simple ways by which you can protect your blogger blog from plagiarism and from your images being copied away, thus affecting your precious ist2_13232916-deal-with-the-devilbandwidth.

Just keep these two codes in your website. They will ensure 80% less stealing of your content. Replace the singlequote in red below by a single quote.

Disable right click code:
<script src = singlequote singlequote > </script>


Disable text selection code:
<script src= singlequote singlequote > </script>

Phew, that’s a pretty decent peace of mind which gave you, didn’t it, and a well deserved one too.


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