Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Google Chrome aiming to be the best browser with the coolest extensions

Google Chrome had been my default browser for quite sometime now. And with over nearly 5,000 extensions available, it’s cooler more than ever before.  With cool popup that tell you from Gmail mails to your desired notifications, there isn’t a chance to miss any tasks, appointments or birthdays again.

With the browser wars soaring more than ever before and Mozilla giving a tough fight, Chrome with its versatile advantages and unique features continue to impress the large user base it presently has and of course the Google lovers. Google continues to impress with its innovative products, and Chrome has surely set a new benchmark for others to look forward to. Apart from this extension, there are several others which would make online life easier for power surfers like me. Bookmarking, sharing, blogging and doing all sorts of Web X.0 stuffs have enhanced Chrome to such a level that few can boast of at such a young age. Sure Chrome has a long way to go ahead of it. 


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