Friday, June 25, 2010

Google Docs: Now try the best online tool without a Google Account

Google Docs had been adding many desired feature off-late, but all of it required to have a Google account to log in and then access it. But now anyone can simply visit and start typing in a document that would be available for 24 hours only. They can also invite others to collaborate with them.

Already a very powerful word processing tool, Google Docs inspite of having very tough competitors in services like Zoho continues to impress with its rich collection and ever increasing features. Surely with this new open for all feature a lot more people would get to have a feel of Google Docs.

Though large business organizations haven't yet taken up Docs and using it for productivity purposes, the time will come soon when people will look forward to such an online collaborative tool, more so with real-time and collaboration becoming the buzzwords in the industry today.


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