Monday, June 28, 2010

Hey! I am Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Paint, Notepad, Outlook in your Browser

With the amount of work we do daily using Windows systems, we seldom realize how could our lives be more faster than what it is at present. this is where Kewll comes in with a refreshingly different outlook and blend of tools. Get Kewll here. Now the most vital programs like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Notepad, Paint and Calculator can be launched right from your browser. windowstoolsinkewll

So even if you don’t feel the need of it, those who have started using it had made it a part of their lives. The best part of using this toolbar as thousands of users point out is that it keeps on reinventing itself with such amazing new features every few days. Be it the adding of the Picasa feature a few days back or the Orkut add-on, or the best add-on over the past few weeks, the FIFA add-on that made the users go crazy over this.

It’s almost like your own friend working for you in your browser. It can feel you, it can hear you, it can help you to do whatever you are doing. Surprised with so many things at one go? It happens.

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