Saturday, June 26, 2010

Picasa: Now launch from Kewll Toolbar

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In a recent blend of activities that had been going on taking Kewll to the next level, the Picasa program launcher had been added to it. If you have Picasa installed, you can click ‘Launch Picasa’ under the Picasa icon and it starts up immediately. So now you don’t need to minimize your browser and look for the Picasa program launcher icon on your desktop.

The immense success of Kewll had been it’s intuitive wiki feature which enables the users to suggest features. that they want to see on it. With a suggest link in every tool, users never feel left out. It’s like someone alive in your browser helping you out, because suggested features appear in it in no more than a couple of days.

The Picasa software continues to be impressive more than ever before and my favorite with the so many innovative features and plug-ins that empower it. So it is really a good thing to see Kewll honoring the comfort of it’s users and adding program launchers button to it. Let Kewll hear from you. Suggest a feature.


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