Monday, June 14, 2010

Why isn’t Aircel losing customers in spite of so many advertisement calls?

Aircel, one of the widely used mobile service providers in India right now, as many of my friends say, will go in for a tough time with so many people complaining against their advertisement calls. There is no concrete information about Aircel losing customers, but as many of my known peers point out, dissatisfaction is spreading very fast amongst the subscriber base. And if Aircel doesn’t act pretty fast (the START DND to 1909 takes a pretty decent long time enough to convince someone to change the connection). I myself often keep the mobile switched off often to get rid of the disturbances. Lucky it is not my primary number.

So the situation is pretty risky and on the edge now with quality services of Vodafone, Airtel, ist2_12329888-house-over-abyssDocomo and Uninor stepping up on user demand meeting capabilities and services. Many of my friends are harassed to such a tremendous extent that they literally start taking on the organization and what not!

It will be pretty decent to see what Aircel does now. Users complain from all over the country no doubt, and with a DND service as good as they have, surely the consumers complaint forum members are going to have a busy time soon listening to complains of Aircel subscribers! Did you face this same problem? Share below.

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  1. Every operators has their set of Value added services and keep informing their customers through these promo calls and messages. But the DND service is good enough facility that can be availed by the users. Whereas the other players are concerned, promotional calls and messages are used by them as well.


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