Friday, July 30, 2010

2011 Batch: TCS to increase workforce

Tata Consultancy Services, India’s largest outsourcing company, plans to increase its workforce by a quarter to help drive expansion into fast-growing emerging markets.

India’s IT outsourcers, whose largest revenue stream comes from North America and Europe, have proved highly resilient in the economic downturn.

Now, as are many global businesses, they are looking for opportunities in high-growth regions, including Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. TCS is expanding its workforce by 40,000 to 200,000 people this year to service its fast-expanding global operations.

In the long term, emerging markets are expected to contribute “upwards of 20 per cent for TCS” in terms of overall revenues, compared with 7 per cent two years ago, said N. Chandrasekaran, the company’s chief executive.

The revenues TCS derives from emerging markets such as China, Latin America, Asia and eastern Europe have risen to about $1.2bn from $100m seven years ago.

However, Mr Chandrasekaran acknowledged that his group was struggling to crack opportunities in China, as it was in Japan, where it has been held back primarily by cultural barriers and high turnover of employees.

By contrast, the group has embarked on a more enthusiastic Latin American expansion in recent months.

He said: “We have close to 8,000 people in Latin America and our revenues are well over $300m. I think Latin America can easily be a $1bn market in the medium term.”

The company is expected to find it a big challenge to sustain its strong performance, where net profits rose 24 per cent in the latest quarter, analysts believe.

Rising pay is putting a strain on profit margins. TCS has said that it would spend $200m in the coming fiscal year on salary increases, and planned to give 10 per cent annual rises to Indian employees.
(Source: Financial Times)

Chrome Frame: Turn IE 6/7/8 into Chrome

A project that started in September last year has been made stable enough so much so that it is now in the beta stage. What project Chrome Frame has done is, it renders everything on IE as it would appear on Chrome.

All a user needs to do is install this plugin (get it under the Chrome icon) on Internet Explorer 6/7/8 running on Windows 7/Vista or XP. “We think it’s really stable,” engineer Alex clip_image002Russell said in noting the move to beta.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well, TCS is expected to grow better than industry average in FY 2011

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Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS) performance in the June 2010 quarter reaffirms the company’s ability to take advantage of the gradual recovery in the demand for IT services and solutions in the US and Asian markets. The country’s largest IT exporter delivered better than- expected results for the quarter backed by volume pick-up and better cost management.

The company is likely to benefit the most from the improving demand traction even in future given its strong presence across major global markets. Further, its growing influence in the domestic market for IT services adds to its strength.
(Source: Economic Times)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Twitter to begin wrapping up links officially with link shortener

With many changes that have been coming to Twitter, none were as big as this. Now all links that would be posted in Twitter would be shortened in the****** format. On one hand this would help cutting down on spam, and on the other, the links can be tracked, as
the service will be able to accurately monitor the distribution of each link. Twitter analytics would also be no doubt be immensely benefitted by this new feature.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Google stops experimenting with background image after hiccup!

With rival search engine Bing keeping on flashing stunning shows of photography in its homepage, Google tried to take a step forward towards that idea. But users reportedly went crazy on June 10th, 2010 when they found their homepage clustered with crazy hippos. Hundreds of tweets went out.

clip_image002[5]After few hours Google returned back to their famous ever traditional neat and clean homepage, maybe realizing that it might not have been a good idea after all. Users that visit the Google homepage are now shown the normal design, along with a link that says “Curious about today’s homepage? Add your own background image now”.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Google added a background image to its homepage

Google may be taking note of the photogenic interface of the Bing homepage which led it to add a background image last month. The traditional neat look of the homepage faced a sharp contrast with the flashy background image behind the Google search box. Bu the question is that will Google users accept this change whole-heartedly.

Google’s Marissa Mayer writes in a blog post :

To provide you with an extra bit of inspiration, we‘ve collaborated with several well-known artists, sculptors and photographers to create a gallery of background images you can use to personalize your Google homepage. Included in the collection are photographs of the works of Dale Chihuly, Jeff Koons, Tom Otterness, Polly Apfelbaum, Kengo Kuma (隈研吾), Kwon, Ki-soo (권기수) and Tord Boontje, as well as some incredible photos from Yann Arthus-Bertrand and National Geographic. We’ll be featuring these images as backgrounds on the Google homepage over the next 24 hours.

Of course, since we want your Google homepage to be personal to you, you can still choose an image or photo from your computer or your own Picasa Web Album. Whether you select an image from our new artist collection or prefer to have a more personal touch on your homepage, you’ll still enjoy the speed and ease of use that you’ve come to expect from Google.

Friday, July 16, 2010

What’s my TCS college grade?

2011 Batch Joining Dates  Latest Updates  Updates in Browser 2010 Batch Joining dates
Some more details
With the joining dates of 2010 batch students going on, candidates are more than ever curious to know what grades would be given to their college. Based on last years data where more than 20,000 TCS candidates of 2009 batch shared their information of colleges in Orkut and various other communities, this list is presented below. Apparently the joining dates are given in the order of grades, i.e. A, B, C* and then C. But after a few months different colleges of different grades of both CS and Non-CS streams start getting their joining dates parallely. Here is the summary of the college grades.  

The 2010 batch joining dates have started earlier than the 2009 batch joining dates no doubt, and hence the mood is really high amongst the candidates. More so after a stunning show of performance by TCS in the quarterly results.

This useful chart below gives a schematic idea of the distribution of the different college grades in the different branches.

Tips to use the chart:
To know the number of colleges of a particular grade for a particular recruiting branch, just observe the height of the bar of that color for that branch. For example, to know the number of A grade Colleges in Chennai, notice the pink bar right above grade “A” in the horizontal axis. 

Quick Tips to find your grade:

1. Press Ctrl+F and type in the abbreviation of your college name.

Press Ctrl+F and type in your full college name.

3. If you know your recruiting branch, you can keep scrolling following the color of your branch until you find your college name.

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Wordpress becoming unreliable?

With a fairly reliable track record over the years, faced a big hiccup last month which affected more than 10+ million blogs, and then again on June 10th, 2010. Most of the blogs including TechCrunch and some of CNN’s blogs which are hosted on tha platform went down. The only message available was “ will be back in a minute!”
This message is sure to send shivers down across some of the big sites and which have so long been blindly trusting the reliability of this blogging platform. Blogger on the other hand, which had been my favorite blogging platform for more than 3 years now, continue to provide amazing robust service which I never realized earlier before I started using it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two planets named after South Point High School students!

Great news for Pointers! Two students of South Point High School in Kolkata will now have minor planets named after them. 

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Lincoln Laboratory, USA, have bestowed the honor on Anish Mukherjee and Debarghya Sarkar in recognition of their winning the second Grand award in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering category at the Nevada Fair, the South Point Education Society said in Kolkata. The honor was given to them in recognition of their performance at the 2009 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Neveda, USA. Anish and Debarghya won the second grand award in the electrical and mechanical category in the event.

"Minor planet 2000 AH52 (citation No. 25629) and minor planet 2000 AT53 (citation No. 25630) will, henceforth, be known as 'Mukherjee' and 'Sarkar', respectively," it said.

The two planets were discovered on January 4, 2000, by Lincoln Laboratory Near-Earth Asteroid Research team at Socorro under its Linear programme, a release said. “When we started working for this technology in 2008, we never imagined that planets would be imagenamed after us,” said Sarkar

The students passed out of South Point High School in the city this year. Anish has joined the engineering course at Jadavpur University and Debarghya has joined the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research.

A minor planet is an astronomical object in direct orbit around the Sun that is neither a dominant planet nor a comet. Since 1801, more than two lakh minor planets have been discovered mostly in the asteroid belt.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Google Music: iTunes competitor unleashed?

We might soon be able to search a song or music in the market and click the download button to save it in our Android devices. The idea is pretty compelling of Google Music, if that is what it is going to be called in the end. Google teased the audience a few weeks ago about this which would be a new segment in the Android market.

After Google Music Onebox and Google Discover Music, this Google’s another attempt into this Music world. It would be nice if Google releases its product sooner, because there are rumors of Apple unveiling something more iTunes stuff this summer which might well steal Google Music’s hotness.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Reeder: The best feed reader on the iPhone is going to launch on the iPad

Most of the RSS readers work average with the iPad, many of the ones which used to provide superb performance for the iPhone work more or less less efficiently in the iPad.  Reeder didn’t have such a support for the iPad until recently when it will extend its support for the iPad soon.

It will be a separate app from the iPhone version and will carry a new, slightly higher price, $4.99. But judging from the pictures, and one stellar preview from MacStories, it will be worth it. One nice touch is that sets of feeds can be drilled into using the pinch gesture, similar to the way you unbundle pictures in the iPad’s photo app. (Source: Techcrunch)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Yahoo! wants Huffington Post badly!

According to a article in Techcrunch, Yahoo is wildly wanting to acquire the Huffington Post, which is nearly the biggest thing on this planet with nearly 26 million unique visitors worldwide in April. Yahoo needs high quality content and videos and Huffington Post requires more traffic. So their signing a deal itself would be more than enough with a close ist2_4809789-young-attractive-woman-wishing-cookies integration of their services.

The two companies seem to be in negotiation over a deep content partnership. Sources with knowledge of the HuffPo’s thinking insist it is not for sale. But everything is for sale at the right price. An acquisition by Yahoo would accelerate the HuffPo’s growth, while at the same time give Yahoo a strong anchor for its content business. Buying the Huffington Post would not be cheap. When it last raised $25 million in December, 2008, that round gave the company a $125 million valuation. It would want multiples of that now. But is it really worth that much? A content deal lets Yahoo dip its toes in the water and find out.