Friday, August 13, 2010

Mrs. Jayati Solomon retires as principal, South Point High School salutes her

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South Point, Kolkata will finally lose one of it’s finest principal and teacher, a person who has served the institution with extreme perfection and immense dedication over the last several years. She is set to retire on the 14th of August, 2010. Today she gave a speech mixed with emotions and sentiments that touched the heart of all who were present.

She will forever stay in our hearts no doubt. Those who had the privilege to get taught by her and those who didn’t, all will remember her with their unique memories. Showing us the right path in our years of growing up, motivating us and guiding us like a mother, she will be dearly missed by each and everyone.

Let us take this opportunity to share all our memories and experiences we have of Solomon aunty here. If you have any memory or experience you have worth sharing, simply click here. Share this article with your friends.


  1. as a well-wisher of the SOUTH POINT family, she had always done the BESTEST things for US.....being a POINTER as well as being able 2 be under HER guidence i feel PROUD..2mrw wen i will pass out of my home, SOUTH POINT..will miss school as well as the bestest principal it ever had!!!!!!!!

  2. solomon ma'am....the most beautiful teacher i have come across in life...her warmth and respect towards everyone including us the students made her our idol..her scoldings, guiding, love...i'll miss evrythng..south point will be losing itz life..take care..we will miss u ma'am..

  3. hi, i am not a south pointer but i know just how you guys feel. ma'am taught me in class IX and X JDS (1990 batch ICSE). she was my class teacher and taught me to love plays and i still do. today i have a five year old son and i want to shift him to delhi. looking at school after school but i realized its not the school i am looking for, i am looking for a mentor for my lil boy. i am looking for a mrs. solomon for him...
    give her all my love when you guys meet her. i am in delhi, no chance for kolkata now. so please tell her that i think of her very often and that she made a difference in my life.

  4. Happy new year to you words would be correct enough to describe solomon ma'm. Her grace and poise always impressed us and she has been a torchlight in my life.She was my favourite teacher and I was one of her favourite students. i reside in Mumbai at present and would like to contact her. So If anyone has her mail id or phone number then pls. do post it at A teacher teaches but Solomon ma'm was a mentor. Truly an amazing lady.


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