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Predict your TCS ILP Score

The ILP at TCS is a really great time for fresh candidates. A transformation phase between the college life and the brand new professional life. A lot of things are taught and tested during this time.image Candidates have to learn new languages and then have to undergo stream training under various technologies.

People say that this is the best period they spent during their early days at TCS. Indeed, there’s nothing better than having a lot of positivity around you, right? Now there are two tests taken during the training, one is the general one. The second is on the technology the training is conducted in the second phase. The average of the two tests comes into consideration and its good if it is greater than 50%.

So taking into consideration some special factors and scenarios, this tool below will help you to have a glimpse of how you might fare in the tests. There’s no alternative to hard work. So don’t get over-confident or too disheartened by listening to what the tool says. This is just to show you a small path so as to give you a idea where you are headed. Think and slowly answer each of the questions to get your result.

• Have you always loved to finish the syllabus 
no matter what the time left is?
• Are you comfortable with your
programming skills?  
• Are you comfortable with self-study or
is guidance essential?:    
• This might get a little personal,
but how had been your past academic record?    

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Predict your TCS Joining Date

Are you ready with your tech skills? Test yourself now.
The time between joining your dream company and your college days can be fun. But if you are getting impatient and want to know how long you might have to wait before getting into your dream organization, try this tool below. It’s absolutely a simple aid to help you predict, and in no case should be taken as anything official or final at all.
Simply provide a few information about your college and your surroundings to help the tool serve you. There’s a pretty decent logic behind the functionality of this tool. But like the beta version of everything, it has a lot to improve. Keep providing your feedbacks as always to help this little thing achieve perfection soon.

In the mean time, you can try out reading some of the ILP experiences of your friends or try your hands at some ILP materials. You might also love to check out the “What’s Hot” menu at the top for some more cool links and articles. You can also try to predict your ILP Score.

• Your College Grade:  
• No. of students
recruited from your college:  
• Are other colleges of grade
getting joining in your state:    
• How fast is the joining process 
in your state right now:    

Update: All the parameters have been given appropriate weightage and each has it's own unique importance. Everything is done keeping in mind the general trend. The variation in the number of weeks is due to the same reason.

Monday, September 20, 2010

TCS ILP @ Ahmadabad

Share your experience.
This is a guest post by Arvind. The views expressed are solely of the writer.

I never imagined everything I am about to write get over this soon. Expectations and hopes were high. The end result - it exceeded! I went through all the *emotions that life could offer in the space of 3 months. Even death came to a striking distance on 2 occasions! Under the current circumstance all I wish is that the past 4 months of my life can be re-lived at some point of my life but thats mission impossible!

The 36 hr train journey looked as though it was 36 mins. That was one experience which I will never ever forget. Myself, water, sombu, ganesh, parthu and both aswins along with all my college girls occupied almost three fourth the compartment. The great Water had everything to fill our stomach for the entire journey thanks to his ‘caring’ nature. Infact he had packed food that was enough for everyone in the entire train. ----------fast forward---------. Card game…. Truth or dare at 12 midnite….early morning peeking out the train session…chit chats. The best though was the parthu-sombu incident when he actually tried to lift himself from the middle berth after sombu had given a jerk and the chain came off..:D
For the first time in my life I’ve actually gone to a place that is outside south India. Excitement grew as we all took a cab to Gandhi Nagar. We were soon welcomed by a sight, near the studio apartment giving us all kinds of hope which myself and water had discussed before the TCS call. But we never had time to get into that as we were more worried about getting the same room in the apartment. All efforts carried out for that went in vein as we were all separated but it was not as bad as how it could’ve gone as we were all put in same block except for Koushik, Abinanth, Azeez and Master who actually came by flight later.

First day of ILP - We were all gathered in the auditorium and there was some kind of tension but certainly the excitement overshadowed it. I desperately wanted to experience whatever that was going to happen, the challenges I am about to face and the fun I am going to have. The batch listing came and the first thing which I looked on it was whether if anyone else from my college was there with me. To my *disappointment there wasn’t any and all kind of thoughts came as on how am I going to manage in this batch for my entire first phase without any of my close friends. Although I knew I am capable of getting along with anyone, I was still expecting to be in my comfort zone. I consoled myself and started identifying new faces of my batch. Those who know me well will know how choosy I am in selecting who I want to talk, build a relation and just get along with. I identified someone who i met in class earlier in 'Cool Point' and with all good intention I went and spoke to her and got to know her. After some struggle, :D I managed to get going with her but not that much initially but to a good level later on. While all these were happening on one side, my performance in the batch meetings were too good. :D My accumulated score in the first four batch meetings was 9 (9/400) and I was really proud of it. There is a famous saying that if all wants to become a doctor who’ll be the patient??! If you can read the relevance fine otherwise chuck it!

A-87 batch - All my complaints on having no college mates in my batch drained off very soon as I realized I got into the best batch of AHD 23 (Some might disagree). It took a little time but once we got settled in there, nothing stopped us. The life skill sessions were the time we look forward to daily as that’s when we play plenty of games. We went for our first batch outing to science city and the lake. Eventhough the place was not that good, the time which we all spent together was really worth.

Then it was all projects and tests and thankfully I cleared the first phase and it was time for posting. All I had hoped for was a location where I wont be put alone. But the person above had other ideas and thanks to his generous attitude, I got Mumbai and guess what? For all my questions and hopes, answers were obvious which actually brought me thought on whether if I am being cursed!

My second phase batch was also announced and even in that I was the only one from my college and this time even from my previous batch. Little did I know at that time that I am going to enjoy more with this batch. Anyway, I didn’t have luck with my stream as well as location. But life moved on….

Call to heaven 1 - I decided to forget all those as we were given a four day break. There were talks about my college people not knowing how to have fun which only gave us good laughter as we all gathered in one of our rooms to discuss our plan to diu/somnath/gir forest trip. Thanks to the efforts of Kaushik we went on one of the most memorable trips that I would ever have, not for good reasons though but still. Apart from the breathtaking views of the beach and some ancient sites, nothing is worth mentioning from that tour. However, I should say I had one of the the most adventurous bus journey from diu to Somnath that anyone can even imagine of! The driver of the bus got drunk and was driving the bus like a formula 1 racer! If we had not stopped him, we would all have been either like Filippe Massa in hospital bed or even might have been in history books :D! It was really adventurous though.. :P

JavaB - For the second consecutive time, I was put on a batch where I am the only guy from my college and in addition to that, this time I was the only one from my previous batch as well! While I was just thinking on how I am going to manage, entered and I made her sit with me not realizing that she’s going to be my eventual ‘enemy’. ;) But it was really nice of her to give good company as I sailed through my ILP journey with ease. The javaB national anthem, endless teasing sessions, hotseat were all part and parcel of our day to day activities in class and these clubbed together made my life in this batch very enjoyable!

Call to heaven2 – Auto incident! I don’t want to go too much detail into this but the whole day was perfect except this, yet it was really adventurous, adventure-ahm part 2! Guess it goes like this, more than me loving adventure, adventure loves me!:P I lost one of my favorite slippers thanks to all concerned. Only myself and the person who was with me knows the seriousness of that particular incident. It all happened too quickly that before I could even react everything was over and the first major relief I got was that, more than me, the person with me was fine. That was one BIG relief! Still I was really feeling guilty for few days but realized that even if it had been anyone else in my shoes he/she couldn’t have avoided this and also it wasn’t my fault at all no matter what anyone thinks or tells. But I will never ever forget and forgive the comments made by the so called left-hand or right-hand of that person and that was really really irritating!!! But when god had 100 reasons to pull me down, I had 1000 reasons to smile as I decided to get on with life..;)

Finally the end came and emotions were running high among all of us. The thought of us parting in few days was really a hard pill to swallow but memory remains while the journey continues in MUMBAI...

TCS ILP @ Trivandrum

Share your experience.
This is a guest post by Angshuman. The views expressed are solely of the writer.

The post below has not been refined and is almost like a rough note rather than an article, hence you may find the sentences below quite funnily structured and sometimes difficult interpret. Sorry for the inconvenience. This post is about my friends at ILP and me and not ILP itself. I have used the initials of my friends’ names to conceal their identities. My friends got their call for ILP seven days before the joining date. They were supposed to report at Guwahati. At the end of that day I was the only one who still didn’t receive any mail. It was very frustrating. I even shot a mail to Kolkata HR about this. I got my mail next day. I was asked to report, not at Guwahati, but at Trivandrum. I was now very upset. Of all the people they chose me and only me to report at the other end of India, why why…! I later came to know that out of 171 people only 23 people were asked to report at Trivandrum and I am the only person from CSE, BIT to Trivandrum.

My accommodation was arranged at Assumpta Tourist Home by TCS. It was not such a good hotel. The walls were quite dirty, but the bathroom was cleaner. We were told by TCS that the bedsheets would be changed every 3 days and the rooms would be cleaned everyday. In reality, bedsheets were changed and the rooms were cleaned only on Mondays. All-in-all, the hotel was okay as it was at the heart of the city. The nearest good restaurant was Arul Jyoti.

Apprehensive about who will be my room partner, I asked Assumpta’s manager to allot me a room. He recommended room 302, as the guy (ShaB) there seemed well natured to him. My first impression of him was that he is from a very rich family and possibly he is a snob. Don’t know why, but I got this impression of him. In a day or two I found out he was a nice guy. In few more days I found out that he was a total clown. We nick named him Charlie after Charlie Chaplin. Not only because of his jovial nature but also because his face has uncanny resemblance to the legend. He has a very unusual way of laughing. When he laughs, his upper jaw-line pops out from behind his upper lips and his face turns red. We all wondered from where did he get his ideas. He never seemed to run out of them. Alas! I have never been able to see deeper into him, beyond his jovial face.

Next morning when we got ready for our first day, other TCSers on our floor, who were all from Mumbai and the very same college from where ShaB was, introduced themselves to me. After that we all got onto the bus that was waiting for us to take us to TCS Peepul Park Campus in Technopark. It was a new day of a new chapter in my life and I was looking forward to make new friends. I had already made one new friend – my roommate. My only worry was making new friends. I being an introvert, is not very good in making friends fast. It took me 1 or 2 semesters to make bonds with some my present good friends from the college. It took me 2 years of my college life to know all the 90 people of my class. I knew I had to somehow make friends and bond with them faster. When we reached the campus I tried to remain with SB and his mumbaiya group, viz. – MA, MS, SD and NG. Sometimes they tried giving attention to me and were very friendly, but still I was usually ignored by them because I spoke much less. It was difficult for me to speak anything random to them as I had almost no knowledge of Mumbai and its life and absolutely no knowledge of their college – VESIT; we didn’t share anything in common, and I was still quite depressed by the fact that TCS chose me to tear apart from my friends. Furthermore, they sometimes used to speak in Marathi, which is as incomprehensible to me as is Malayalam. ShaB was and still is particularly notorious for preferring to talk in Marathi in my presence.

The first three or four days of ILP had been traumatic for me, not only because of the incessant dose of merciless induction lectures one after another but also because I was feeling so alone. I was trying to gel with the mumbaiya bhais and I was still feeling like an outsider. This experience was damn depressing. I hope that I will never have to go through that again. After these initial three or four days my first breakthrough came when SD started paying attention to me. He was the quietest and an introvert among the group. He was my first respite. SD and I gelled well together. He was very much like me. An introvert and a geek by nature. He has a very innocent smile and gaze. Later I gelled with other group people too. By this time I had started feeling much better, but still there was an invisible wall between me and the group. It was the language. They preferred Marathi, which was like Malayalam for me. So, most of the time I didn’t know what was going on and had no choice but to keep mum. Because of this my friends got the wrong impression that I like to remain reserved.

Few days later I came to know two more persons. One punjabi kuri, SB, and another Marathi gal, SA. SB is a good friend of MA. They are friends for past four years, so it was quite natural that they were always seen together, but this gave me the wrong idea that they were more than just friends. SB is an unusual girl. She has a very (as VK puts it) ‘loud’ body language and is very polished. Her first impression over others is usually as a snob. As far as I am concerned, I didn’t feel like that. I formed my opinion about her quite later. I was way too much amazed by her way of talking. Her way of talking is child-like, which in Hindi we call ‘totla‘. Its cute and weird both when spoken by a 21 year old person. I will really miss that voice. Later as I came to know her better I found out that she is also very intelligent, only that she is too lazy or distracted to use it. Things that I like the most about her is her jovial nature. She is always fun to be with. Always happy and rarely sad.

Now about SA. Her first impression on me was that she is a gujju girl. This is because I have an impression that usually gujju girls have good figures and are very simple minded and innocent. She is very much like ‘Gattu’ of ‘Ba Bahu Aur Baby’; simple, innocent, smiling and happy. M is a lucky man. I envy him. She is definitely the most pampered kid of her home. Its awesome, how can someone maintain ones child-like innocence to the adulthood. Her family must have put great efforts in insulating her from the vices of the world. Given that, she gets upset so easily, I can only pray that she grows up soon.

Before our EC1 exam, MA and I decided to stay back at the lab for a whole night to complete the exercise. At around 11 pm changu-mangu too joined us. By-the-way, changu-mangu are SB and SA. I call them that because they always (mark it, always) stay together, as if they are advertising Fevicol-ka-jhor (pardon me for this mercilessly poor joke). Many times they even wear similar dresses. They are similar in more than one ways. They are both jovial, energetic and always remain stuck to their cell phones. I have seen people speaking so much over the phone only when they have bf or gf. It is true in case of SA, but I am still confused about SB. Anyway back to the lab; we started solving our exercises. By 1 or 2 am MA and SB where worn out and started dozing off. SA and I continued to rack our brains. Few minutes later changu-mangu left for their room. Our hotel being 18 KM from Technopark, we had no choice but to wait till morning. I also dozed off for an hour or two and then I continued with the exercises again. After 2 am the only thing MA did was doze off and suddenly wakeup and unlock the screen and then doze off again. At 6 am we left for our hotel. It was Sunday. We then spent the whole Sunday sleeping while our other friends set out for Technopark to complete the exercises.

Before I move on I would like to comment about MA. He has a good personality. He makes his presence felt. He became our unofficial transport facilitator. One thing we all hated about him is his ‘divide by 6′ policy, i.e. no matter how less or more you eat he used the simple rule of equally dividing the total bill amount among all the friends there. Other than that he is a nice fellow. He is slight impulsive and he is a complete phattu. While coding for his project, the moment he used to come across any deadened he used to start sweating profusely and you can clearly notice the tension on his pale face. The best thing in him is that he takes negative comments about him in positive sense and actually tries to mend it.

Before our EC2 exam we made an one day trip to Kanyakumari with 19 friends. It was fun. SA played a nice trick on NG. We were all in the dark Meditation Room on the Vivekanada Rock Memorial, when SA asked NG to ask the person sitting before him to go too. NG thinking that the person was one of the friends, nudged him, only to realize then that he was not. SA was aware of this and did this on purpose. We had a good laugh afterwards.

Kanyakumari lacks a beach hence we went to its shore which had many sharp stones. Many people returned wounded (including me) from that trip. It was fortunate enough that nobody was seriously hurt, which I was afraid of as some of the friends grew too much reckless in their antics and stunts. But it was fun. This is where I noticed, contrary to my expectation, that SA is quite adventurous. MA was rather unusually reserved during this. He took over the charge of taking care of everybody else’s belongings and stayed away from the water. During this trip I also noticed NG’s inclination towards meditation, religion and nature. I too have an inclination towards nature. I don’t usually share my feelings with my friends, because contrary to general wisdom, it makes me feel worse. The sunset and the calm after that usually unsettles whatever is locked inside me. Damn!

NG, as I have already pointed out earlier, appreciates nature and has an inclination towards meditation. He too seems to observe people keenly. He has a very bad habit of using really bad examples to explain things or describe someone. He can sometimes get on your nerves but is usually a nice person to be with. May God help him with his examples. Another very intriguing thing about him is that he is some kind of gay magnet! Maybe it is because of his slight girlish way of talking or anything else.

Back from our Kanyakumari trip, we were greeted by the tense cloud of looming EC2 exam. We had to work on Sunday and late in Monday to finish our project. After EC2 EC3, EC4 and EC5 came at such a pace that I could barely recall anything from then except for random memories. This brings us to Thombya.

Thombya is a Marathi word which is used to refer dumb people. ShaB nick-named MS as Thombya. We used to call him that because of his too short short-time memory and his unusual goof ups. One of his classic goof ups is when after having a cupful of tea he exclaims – It was nice coffee! He actually thought he was drinking coffee when he was actually having tea! He opts to remain quite most of the time, but he has a lot of mischievous ideas running through his head all the time.

After our EC3 exam, many of us planned for a trip to Velli, Kovalam Beach etc. I was looking forward to it as it was our last trip together. On the day of trip even after repeated request from me SD refused to come along. This made me adamant and I too ultimately didn’t go and sulked the whole day in the hotel. Yup, I make stupid decisions when I go adamant. Few minutes later we were scolded on the phone by SA. Oops! That day in the evening SD, MS, ShaB and NG paid a visit to an Ayurvedic Kerela Message center. There they got a lot more than they had bargained for, in particular NG. When they told MA and me what more happened there we had the laugh of a lifetime. I would not discuss it here, because it may embarrass them and there is no modest way of writing it here. One thing is for sure I am never getting a Kerela Message now, nor do I think they will ever try it again.

With this our EC4 and EC5 exams were over sooner than we could realize. After our allocation most of my mumbaiya friends grew a little depressed since only two of them, SD and NG, got Mumbai, rest were allocated Hyderabad. I got my place of choice, Kolkata, but the thought that I will have to part ways with them and don’t know when our paths will cross again, dampened my spirit. I wasn’t feeling happy and felt glum. Damn! I am back to square one. There has been so many times that I had to part ways with so many of my friends, but I felt this glum only once before this, because this time I have the feeling that this bond will snap sooner or later.

We all eight were supposed to return from Trivandrum to Mumbai together via train, but later MA, SB and SA chose flight. Our first day of our two day journey to Mumbai was mostly boring and glum. I don’t know why but we were again and again singing “Yeh tara woh tara har tara” in totla voice even when SB was not around to get teased. The second day of trip was great. Everybody was in form that day and the scenic beauty on the way was breathe taking. There were fifty plus tunnels on the way. NG, ShaB and MS had a great time screaming from the door into the tunnels when the train passed through them. At Thane we bid adieu to ShaB, NG and MS. At LTT I bid adieu to SD and that was it. The end of one month’s memories. Maybe ILP could have been a little longer.


Share your experience.
This is a guest post by Rahul Gupta. The views expressed are solely of the writer.

"Rahul!!! Rahul!!!! Get up Man. Today is the first day of our Professional career and you dog still sleeping. Its 7:30 now. The Buses have already come and will leave by sharp 8 O' clock" said Sudip. Oh......damn. It's only 7:30 right!!!!!. " Yes but It's not college Rahul" Said Sudip. This is the first time i realized that those four percious golden years of my life are gone and this is pune where we have come to get up at 7:30 and reach to the bus by 8 and go to training centre by 9 sharp. " Hey...don't forget to wear formal dresses with a tie" said Sudip. What!!!! Formal dresses. But i don't have any. "Rahul, have you come for training or tracking?" said Sudip. Shit Man...but they should have told us beforehand. So that we could have come prepared. "By the way it was written in one of the documents of training Kit which was given to us One month back. But u are so busy with your stuff, u don't have time to go through the Kit at all" said Sudip. Ok, listen, you can use my formal shirt and trouser but only for today. Ok? Go and buy some formal dresses today evening. By the way do you know how to knot a tie?. "No..I don't know" said I. He said "Ok. give it to me i will make the knot. By the way you want single knot or double knot?". I said " Com' on sudip, when i don't have formal wears, how can you imagine that i will have a tie?". Sudip Said " What?? good....very don't have a tie too.Good you are such an ass hole.. see....its already 7:50. You can use my tie but only for today. Mind it"

So there we are. Only 5 mins late in reaching the TCS bus. The bus is around 90% full. Rest all buses are gone. Thank god. Finally we could manage to get the last bus. " We are late because of you fool" said Sudip. Cool Man!!! Why are you so serious!!! What will happen....Worst case we might have to bunk our first day in TCS. No big Deal..... Said I. Sudip said "This is not college Rahul". That is the second time i realized that we can't bunk in training even for a single day else that will cause a loss of one day's salary. " See... because of you all the bus is full. Only the last row is empty" said Sudip. Its Ok. yaar. Anyways i was always a back bencher in college. So who cares if the same thing continues in TCS also!!! So finally we reached at CMC campus Pune. For all TCS trainees the CMC conducts the training program. We all were shown the door to a seminar hall. Its cool man. Thank god the A/C is on. i finally found a corner seat so that i can rest myself against the wall while sitting or rather sleeping. There he is the ILP Co-ordinator at the dais. " Dear all Associates, Welcome to Tata Family. A very warm welcome to Tata Consultancy Services. I am the Co-ordinator of this ILP pune branch.You are going to spend the next 44 days here in pune. Here you will be taught the various stages of software engineering and apart from that soft skills, foreign lanugages, team work, ethics everything. i hope you have a pleasant stay in Pune" and the speech continued for the next 10-15 mins. Naturally i was not interested in learning a bit of speech. i just wanted to sleep as sudip woke me up early in the morning as 7:30 is early morning in my dictionary.At the end of the speech he came to the real point i.e. the breakfast is arranged outside the seminar hall and we are given 30 mins to have it and come back so that he can proceed with the joining formalities. We all came back and stuck to our seat. That awesome breakfast gave fuel to my sleeps. With the proceeding of the joining formalities my casual sleep proceeded to deep sleep.

" Rahul, Rahul...... Wake up Man!! How many hours more would you sleep?" said Sudip. " Ahhhh......i was in deep sleep. i saw my watch its 12:30 that means the morning breakfast fuelled my sleep for 2 hr 30 mins. by the way it was a nice breakfast and that to free of cost." Yes you finally woke up for another free fatso" Sudip. By the way have you got the habit of waking people when they are deep asleep or does tcs pay you more salary for that? Ok tell me what happened till now?. " The Delivery Centre Head of Pune branch had come. She gave an awesome speech. You know TCS is the largest software compnay in ASIA!!!!" Sudip said. I thought thank god i was sleeeping by that time else i had to bear all the torture for 2 and half hours. " OK. Let's go for lunch and don't dare to sleep in the afternoon. The co-ordinatior said we will have to fill up some forms and we will be given ID cards. ok its lunch time, again lunch is free Yepeee.... Thank god the afternoon was not that boring. We saw some cool videos made by some TCS associates about the Working culture in TCS. And at the end of the day again Coffee. God i can't forget the food stuffs whatever might happen. By 7 O' clock in evening we all were into nyati tower where accomodation was being provided for the next 44 days. The first day in TCS is over and perhaps we earned 500 Indian Rupees by the end of the day. Now for dinner there are two options. Either you go to the nearby Siyaram restaurant or you can order for dabba. Sudip said " i will have dabba in home". But i was in no mood to eat those vegeterian dabba food on the first day of TCS and that to when there is a near by restaurant. Fortunately the person who sat beside me in the bus while coming to nyati towers had already had a deal with me for going together to the restaurant. i told Sudip " Sudip, you have your dinner here. i am going to the restaurant. From tomorrow i will join with you". Actually that tomorrow never came. The whole 44 days i ate dinner in Siyaram only.

Me and Ankit (the person who sat besides me in the bus) went to Siyaram exactly at 9:00 PM. We were hoping for a cool dinner but when we reached Siyaram the scene was totally different. Siyaram was totally full and a huge crowd waiting outside for their turn. .I asked " Ankit, Does Siyaram offers dinner Free like today's breakfast and lunch?". It was such a huge crowd that almost all the trainees have come here for dinner except Sudip. He is the only potential customer of the Dabbawala. We were totally frustrated whether we both will get a half pice of roti or not.But as they say " Always be optimistic. Whatever happens happens for good". Sunita and Monalisa were also waiting there for dinner. Sunita saw me and flagged her hand towards me. Cool. its good when a beautiful girl calls you to accompany her in such a huge crowd although she was from my college but who else knows. " Hi Sunita. Hi Monalisa. Meet Ankit. Both of you are also waiting for dinner". " Yes. since last half an hour. But you see Rahul such a huge crowd".

By that time my mind was somewhere else. yes !!! it was around Monalisa. She is really beautiful Man. and might be since i did not have a single affair in college. Forget about affairs, i hardly used to talk to girls except those who were in my Lab project group. "Come on!! Ask ask something Monalisa " was the voice coming somewhere from my brain. " So how was your day?" asked Monalisa. Yepee...Finally she spoke to me. i answered " Well, Struggled a lot". " Struggled!!!! today!! how?" asked Monalisa. Welled struggled to keep my eyes open but totally in vain. But Yes during afternoon i was bit of successful. " He...ehe hee." Both of them smiled. Monalisa is really cute when she smiles. I said " See the struggle is not complete yet. We need to succeed else we wont be able to get dinner today." Hahahaa.....hahaa.......laughed we all four. " Ok. now we are four. you all wait here. i am going inside and will ask manager to arrange a table for four." I said. Then i went inside. The manager was really busy in managing tables and all these people are bugging him like anything. I went to the manager." Manager!!! i need a table of four." Manager said " Sir, its really crowded and people are waiting. i am noting down your name and will tell u once your turn comes." I went close to the manager and said in his ear " Listen, you ask my name earlier and a good tip is waiting for you and i am waiting outside. don't forget". He replied " I will try sir." Then i came outside the restaurant. Sunita asked " What happened!! is any table available? what the manager said?". I said " Yes it will take only 5-10 mins". After 5 mins the Manager shouted " Rahul!! Table for four". Ok. Let's go. Our table is ready. By that time Monalisa was shocked. After we settled down on our table, Monalisa asked " How come the manager called for your name when people before us are still waiting?"." Because the Manager recognised the rising star of TCS" I replied. " Hmm.....Rising Star.....Who was sleeping the whole day and rose only in the evening" Said Monalisa. Haa..aahhahaa...........we all laughed. We had a nice dinner. The service was good, might be because of the tip which i had promised earlier. And after dinner i was deadly begging for the bed and this schedule continued for the next 44 days of my stay in pune.

From day two onwards we all were put into different groups and the list was posted on the wall entering the training room. First of all i checked whether me, Sudip, Sunita and monalisa are in one group or not. Sudip is in Group 4. Sunita is in group 5. I am in Group 10. and yes monalisa is also in Group 10. God is Great. i thought the future 44 days are going to be awesome with monalisa in my group. The Time table for group 10 was designed taking into consideration of my sleep. It's because all the morning sessions before lunch were on technical subjects and the afternoon sessions were on soft skills, foreign languages, games. So as usual i used to complete my sleep during morning sessions and fully active during afternoon sessions partly because of the mam who taught us German Language. Man. She is hot!!!!!! really hot!!!!!!.

After the sessions are over, we used to come back at 8 PM in the evening. But the bad thing was we were given loads of assignments which needs to be completed by tomorrow morning. But the good thing was the assignments were assigned to a group. In my group there were two south indian girls and one guy from aligarh muslim university. All of us were damn serious about the project except me. Now the good thing was we all had to meet somewhere in the night and complete the assignments. Friends don't take it otherwise. One southindian girl named Divya was the leader of our group. i used to call him PL(Project Leader) and i was the loser in that group. Divya never counted me while distributing the tasks but she was not angry though. I was the most happening guy in the group when the topic of discussion was anything apart from studies. Everyday Divya used to tell us to reach her flat by sharp 9:30 PM and everyday my answer was " Divya,U imagine, after a long day's work we come to room at 8PM. Then for relaxation and dinner only one and half hours. That's not fair. Let's schedule the meeting at 10:30". This used to be my punchline everyday during the training. and in reply she used to say the same thing i.e. " Com'on Rahul, We have a lot of things to do. Other groups are pretty much ahead of us. We need to work hard. So 9:30 means 9:30. Be punctual Rahul. OK?".

i thought she is the real project leader material. TCS needs associates like her not like me who completes half of his sleep during morning sessions. But even after repeated warnings of divya i used to be fast asleep by the time Divya calls. and the following scene used to happen everyday.After having dialled for 4-5 times i will pick up the phone saying " hey Divya, i am coming. There is a huge crowd at siyaram. completed my dinner, will be there in 10 mins". She said " Now don't tell lies Rahul, i had seen u come out of Siyaram at 8:45. I know u must be sleeping at room. Com'on come soon. We are already late.". "Ok, Ok coming Divya" i said. " So there you are Mr. Rahul. 30 mins late". I said " Sorry guys, won't happen again" . Divya said " Rahul, today you have to draw the Entity Relationship Diagram for the Customer Relationship branch of the bank". i said " Divya!! have you got something to eat?" .Divya replied "Rahul, By the way you are coming from Siyaram right?" ." No, i had been to Siyaram two long hours back." i said. Divya said " Ok i have got banana chips". I said" ya please please Divya...and see if some other kinds of chips are available!!!!!".

Now here she is with 3 different types of chips and with a giggle in her face. I know girls love me. Divya said " Now have chips and continue with your entity diagram". I happily ate around 70 percent of the chips by the time the other people hardly managed to have 3-4 chips. I said "Divya!!! Please give me the pillow. I will put it on my lap. it's very cold yaar. just give me no..!!". after taking the pillow i was again into my dreams. After 10 mins ...Divya shouted..........Milan!!! you are sleeping!!!!. Get up and give me the pillow. You are not going to work with the pillow. I said " No yaar, i am thinking. i am not sleeping. First let me think how effectively i can do the ER diagram, then i will draw. Ok. Now don't disturb me while i am thinking". after 3 and half hours ie around 1:30 AM Divya shouted again. Milan!! Milan!!! wake up. Are you done with ur ER diagram?. I said " Actually No...yes kind of actually thinking about the diagram". Divya said " You took pretty 3 and half hours and did not come up with a single diagram. Let me check your sheet. Whether you have written some thing or not. Yes it is there. The complete ER diagram is there. Why you were telling that you have not done. When i saw the sheet a pretty complex ER diagram has already been drawn on my sheet. Now there she is ...Divya.....smiling at me.

The other two memebers also laughed at me. I knew Divya has done this for me while i was fast asleep. I said " Thanks Divya. So nice of you. From tomorrow onwards i will actively participate in assignments ok!!!. Divya said " OK, Milan. Now go to your room and complete the rest of the sleep. I will explain you the Diagram tomorrow in the class". By the time i was about to leave her room, Divya said " Rahul!! Some more chips are still left in the plate. Would you like to have some mere?". I said "No but thanks Divya for the chips. please keep it safe for tomorrow". Divya giggled again. Good night and Sweet Dreams Divya. Same to you Milan. Bye bye.

The 44 days of Initial learning program just flew away like 44 mins or rather 44 seconds. Now we have reached to the end of the journey. The 44 days were just like the extension of our college life but the good thing was we were being paid for enjoying the holiday. That's why it is being said that the ILP program of TCS is a paid holiday.

13th December 7 O' clock in the morning. Sudip Said " Milan !!! get up man. Today is the last day of our training program. And you know, today is a very important day. Not that today is the last day rather today MATC will come and decide the fate of our future endeavour." I said " Good Morning Sudip. You know i did not sleep last night. Feeling kind of sad because i have made some very good friends here man and i really don't want to loose them". Sudip Said " Yes Man. Even i am sad. Not for everybody but for Sunita". I said " What? Sunita. Are you mad? When? ". Sudip said " I don't know. But i like her man. I don't know what love is. But i think i love her". I said " Cool Man!! Now here is our romeo. Boss you know, she was with us for the last 4 years in college (although in a different branch). And you are saying now you are in love. But then what is the problem?". Sudip Said " Today MATC will decide who will join which branch of TCS". I said " But then we four are opting for Hyderabad as our first option right!!!. Then what is the problem?". Sudip said "No man. Sunita is planning to go to banglore". I said "Who told you?". Sudip Said "Monalisa was telling me that Sunita might opt for banglore. Her sister is there in banglore". I said "She might opt for it right!!!! but not yet. Don't worry man. I will pursuade her. i know her. She will come with us. Now cheer up man". Sudip said " Thanks man. Just talk to her. and get up soon else we will be late on the last day too".

But bad habits don't go away soon. Still struggled much to reach the bus stop by 8:30 AM. Finally boarded the bus and fortunate enough to see that some front seats were vacant. while sitting in one of the front rows, someone from back called me Rahul!!! Rahul!!!". When i turned back, i saw its Divya. How can i forget her. For the last 44 days she was my saviour. She always used to do my assignment with a giggling smile on her face, served a variety of chips and the best part was she always used to tell me rather inspire me saying "Milan!!! I know you don't do assignments but you are special and talented. You will get success and always keep smiling and be happy. i think she was the only girl in that training program, who used to admire me a lot and helped me a lot. We had a very good friendship by then".

I said " Hi Divya. Good morning PL". Divya said " Stop it Rahul. Now no more. We have already delivered our final assignment yesterday. So no pl. By the way where are you opting for? Hyderabad?". I said " Yes Hyderabad. That is the only place nearer to Orissa as there is no TCS office in Orissa. But anyways thanks for everything Divya. Starting from helping me out in assignements to the homemade chips to mentoring me and finding me special". Divya said " You are special Rahul. Your smile is special. Never ever be sad and if you are then remember its only a phone call which can make you happy and inspire. Ok?". I said " Yes, I will. Thanks again. By the way you must be opting for Chennai right!!!" Divya said "Yes. i am opting for Chennai. My hometown. And all the best for Hyderabad. I hope all four of you will get hyderabad. I mean sudip, monalisa and sunita are also opting for hyderabad right!!!" I said "Yes, sudip and monalisa are opting for hyderabad but not sure about sunita. i heard that she is opting for hyderabad. But my PL, i will miss you. Be in touch Ok?". Divya said "yes i will Rahul".

We reached training centre by 9:30. Immediately i went to Sunita's class and searched for her. By that time everybody from her class knew that sunita and i were from same college and if i have come to their class, then it must have been for sunita only. Suddenly renji waved his hand to me and directed me to sunita. Sunita said " Hi Rahul, good morning. So you must be happy that training is over and you don't have to do any more assignments right!!!". I said "Yes, after 44 days of hard work and dedication for training program, now i am tired". Sunita said " Yes i know. Divya had already told me, how much you work for assignments.


Share your experience.
This is a guest post by Anonymous. The views expressed are solely of the writer.

For last four weeks I am at TCS ILP in Noida only. TCS have outsourced this facility to Almamate and most of our needs are answered by this statement only. The experience till now is worst and everybody is thinking that they are teaching us to spend time on bench, a very common thing at TCS when they don’t have any project for an employee. Most of the classes here are self-learning and we are doing really good in it by learning new games and doing some new activities, but nothing had ever sufficed to pass the whole day.

Usually our day start by getting late by a few minutes and than we used to enchant guard to put our time under limits, however he never did this. Than we move on to our class however, our seats are always preoccupied and we behaves like khanabadosh to get some new seats, in my luck I always got the seat whose IP address is blocked and I go and ask for it to unblock, this really made me popular among the administrator department of Almamate, but this is unused, and the disadvantage is that whenever any wrong thing happens they call me and ask me to class, too much of the work and especially when nobody is ready to listen. Like the IP address most of the sites are blocked, they have blocked our all fun and even our mails and they say we are there employees, its really hard to say this thing from our side as they didn’t give our salary for the fortnight we worked.

They say it is the most rigorous period at TCS, and I am shocked by the work that we have. Its actually sitting idle for more than 6 hours in a day, but as we have taught in our childhood that one should find positive things even in a worst of the situation, so even in this situation we learn a great thing and that is the statement we have been taught is wrong! Wow, its a big discovery in itself, not every bad happening can bring some joy with it or anything like that, this time we seriously don’t able to find anything good, but I hope this will really be good for our future and as TCS says it is really useful for us to have smooth transition from campus life to office life and as per them we can be at ‘there’s standard’ I don’t know what standard they define at such a huge salary that they pay us to.

Ohh! I forget to mention the worst part of the story and its they treat us like school children, we have to be properly uniformed, or say technically, well groomed, we have to wear tie all the time and we should be ready for our senior’s reprove at anytime, they can burst whenever they wish like.

Freedom@TCS-ILP is actually denied and we can’t even go to the cafeteria downstairs even in the self-learning sessions, we can’t talk on phones and they have advised us to keep it switched off! And yes, only thing you will find is boredom. There is one positive point and it is some of our becoming good friends but in such a small time I still stagnant on the point of friendship as most of us even never be together again but yes lets grasp the moments and try to enjoy all the moments that we have as these are the last moments we have as friends and last breaths to hold the schooling feeling anymore, yes now I can say, we can really find some positive points in any thing we dare to think.

TCS ILP Ahmadabad

Share your experience.
This is a guest post by Akash. The views expressed are solely of the writer.

I was called by TCS for training on 24th September(2 months ago). Initially I was hesitating as I don’t want to enter into this bad corporate world. But I had to join so I joined.

Training phase of TCS is called as ILP(Initial Learning program) . I am from Gandhinagar AHD01 A05 batch . ILP started with word “Professional Behaviour”. Everything what to do and what not to do in the corporate world was in the context of this so called “Professional Behaviour”. This word was so frequently used and followed during initial days of ILP that it created fear in my mind.But later on this fear was vanished as I started following many of corporate rules and if I was not following them then I was practicing loop holes of that system. In this way I was prepared to behave like a responsible corporate citizen in the corporate world .
Actually ILP is like a corporate college. There you have everything . Classrooms , batches , labs, canteen etc .You can use it but just we have to follow “Professional Behaviour”.
Technical learning during ILP was not that much good since everything was covered in engineering. But the Life Skill sessions were great.These LS sessions were for teaching “Professional Behaviour” to us. In the initial days I felt that these sessions are like virus programs which are affecting all trainee but later I realized that those were essential updates to our system to survive into this corporate world.Initially they started with a batch of 36(49) individuals and they converted it into a team of 36 (49)team members respecting every ones individuality. They made us to believe that ‘together everyone achieves more’ .
Apart from all these professional things I learnt many new things one of them was I learning other regional languages.I learnt (kuncham kuncham )Tamil not thoroughly but now at least I can manage with tamilians. I also tried to learn Bengali . I learnt some key words from Bengali . I learnt some Punjabi words. I also tried for Bhojpuri. Here during ILP i experienced nearly all cultures of India. we exchanged thoughts , we exchanged cultures . We come to know about different traditions of different cultures. ILP gave me a chance to interact with all kind of people from all corners of India.
Apart from all these , the most precise thing which ILP has given to me is “Friends”. In these 2 months I got uncountable number of new friends.
Before ILP I believed that in this bad corporate world there are no ethics, no friends, no fun and all. but here I met sweetest people of my life . Everyone was always full of fun. Everyone was always ready to give helping hand. This bad corporate world seemed to be really sweet.
If returning back to home made everyone happy ,on the next moment departing from such a wonderful friends made everyone sad. I wish this ILP lasted longer. These best memories will be saved in my heart forever.
Initially this ILP phase is like a Cactus and we are the thorns of it but later on we converted this ILP phase into a Lotus . Now we can smell deep fragrance of this Lotus.
Thank you all for all this .

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar

Share your experience.
This is a guest post by Ashish. The views expressed are solely of the writer.

Hi Friends
This blog is related to those TCS fresher who are going to join for ILP Phase.
I did my engineering from SRM University and placed in TCS at 2008 and got my joining at TCS Bhubneshwar on 27th Dec 09 for ILP Training for 45 days.
I am sharing my experience of ILP phase which may be very cruciel for them.
ILP Training in TCS is just like a paid training.
we used to stay at STAR CITY , a underconstruction flat but nice Rooms with all Comforts.
On 27th dec 09 we attended at KIIT auditorium for documents verfication(PAN Card, Degree,Affidavit etc) for next 2 days.After that our classes start at Koel Campus , KIIT.
Classes consists of 45 days includes 2 compulsory test (EC1 & EC2) and Brain Bench etc.
Both the test EC1 & EC2 are utmost important to get arrgegate 50% marks out of 200.
EC1 consists of programmimg language where only error finding , output of prg are to be asked in test.Dont go for programmimg smart study only and go for the only ppt which were given by TCS , it is more than enough.
EC2 consists of Java .Get ur concepts more clear on Encapculation, Aggregation, Association ,Normalization and little bit concept of programming on Java.
Question will related to theory not like EC1.
In both Test u have to score above 50% aggregate.I got 97% and finally qualify for the phase 2 training at base center .
Finally i got my posting at Delhi and our training ends at 18th feb 10.
Overall TCS ILP training is something like smart training and tough for those who dreams that now TCS will not kick them out.....JUST BE SERIOUS AS TIME REQUIRED....U WILL ENJOY LIFE AT TCS.

TCS ILP Trivandrum

Share your experience.
This is a guest post by Jinxed Phoenix . The views expressed are solely of the writer.
It has been a year now, but the feeling is still fresh. I remember how nearly a year back I bid farewell to my dear ones and boarded for a new journey. Clutching my mobile thinking, now it’s probably the only way I can contact. Called all random numbers I knew, announced to all my friends that I’m going for training, TCS Trivandrum and one common question I heard, “why so far? When you’ll return.” I could manage to say “I’ll be back in a month” and the journey started.

Thinking this is the time when I’ll officially get my first salary and I won’t be asking my dad for that new iPod or the new jeans I liked. Humming songs I liked and gradually it shifted to more energetic one, felt this day I can touch the sky; it’s just a leap away. I plugged my ears with my beloved player which seemed to be the only companion who’ll be with me in that unknown place. Dreaming myself in the finest and that’s how the journey passed and I set my foot on the place which I’d remember for all of my life where I was decorated with the dog-tag “Assistant Systems Engineer – Trainee, Grade –Y.”

It was the first day of my job life when everyone expected us to be little more mature and serious. I felt I’m just an ordinary college guy being pushed too early to this even though I was waiting for this day for more than 6 months post my college. Looking for familiar faces, “Oh!!! She’s from my college”, “Hey!!! I think you were in my college”. Jostling to be sitting together and denied the law of “birds of same feather flock together.” Then suddenly “Wow!!! Look at her… she’s awesome”. Well don’t know about girls coz I’ve had pretty bad experience but maybe some would’ve slipped (not for me definitely, it’s generic) “Psst!!! That guy is nice, hope he’s in our batch”. The proceedings started and came to know not all “hopes” are fulfilled. It felt like a new world and class rooms seemed bigger. Trying to fit with the most familiar face and looking if there are more with whom I can just talk to. “Rome was not built a day” proved too good. Tried to study hard whatever they were teaching. I assume it was the first time I was studying and obviously when you study, doubts come up. These doubts helped me attain new friends. I found new buddies and as always, lost the touch of what they were teaching.

Hardest part was waking-up in the morning. Thank god there were people to kick me out of bed by banging on the door. Dressed in the-then what I considered best and felt like I’m going for some corporate fashion show. Reaching classroom and getting a place for self, my friends, made me feel it’s nothing but college – extended. My friend making notes and me chatting or messaging, taking a look around made me realise actually everyone is doing the same. Lunch time reminded me of my college canteen and I loved it coz I could see all my crushes at the same place. End of class, like release from jail. Sneering at peon who had more authority than the faculties. Tussling in the bus so as to reach for the lovely “dhabas”, have lunch and back to routine sleep, only thing we learnt in past 6 months. Some serious dude will tell, we should practice and we’d fancy ourselves and return to base, this time entering the cave as lions as head-peon is nowhere to be seen. Instead of practising problems it was time when we could meet other and show off our knowledge and get to know the crush sitting next to my friend.

Oh my god, it’s time for Evaluation Criteria in short ECs. Slogging to remember what the shortcuts, tips we learnt. Asking friend for help and thus came the theory of learning and sharing. Same college days, where we tried to mug up all things in one night and then vomit into the paper, but this time paper was online and vomiting was not allowed. The pace of heartbeat, sweat in AC room, the tension, trying to know the logic by peeking that’s how all ECs were skipped. End of each EC meant one week we can laugh and enjoy and then again one night stand for another last stand. Result of EC meant bursts of laughter for some and few drops of tear. It didn’t anymore mean that I passed, it mattered that my friend didn’t and the friend is the one I came to know few days back. We would just hug each other and wipe the tears to gear up for another start. With every passing day, danger of extension seemed closer and heart skipping a beat with just a thought was as real as our laughter and skipping hours of sleep.

Completing a month has its own rewards, first salary. The ATM card that has been my guardian for long seemed alien coz my dad filled it up and I managed to finish it off before he could ask, “you want more.” Clutched the card which they called is for Salary Account, checked my balance and smiled “It’s mine and my parents can’t say don’t spend on worthless stuffs.” I would sniff to check its freshness, and pull this one out for every transaction even if it is of Rs. 10, if they allowed. No more need to think twice before paying own bill. By the middle of the month, it occurred I’ve spent most of my salary and then it struck it’s the first time I’m thinking of how much I’ve spent, the same lesson my parents tried to teach me since my first pocket money. Still enjoyed, ate till brim and then walk back just to save that 20 bucks auto driver demanded. At month end first time I uttered, “Dude!!! It’s month end have no cash, next month, please.” If I was on receiving end then it’s more like, “even I’m in same state, save me” or “thank god, expenditure avoided is money saved.”

But even then how can we miss those trips of ours. Our training hanging on the edge and we would go for an impromptu trip and few short planned ones. Trips were more than just ideas of unwinding. Those beaches, the sunset, sand under our feet – felt I belong here and wish I could just capture this moment. No one allowed a moment alone and I was called before I could sit and think, “wish I can spend my life with those cheerful faces, slogging every week and on weekend dancing on place like this till we drop, this is heaven.” Group outing meant that my friend wants to go and I should be there, where a friend falling sick could stop a gang of 20 and all 19 lifting the one coz they didn’t want anyone to be left behind. The plan of group outing would give us hope that finally I could talk to my crush and all the ideas of my impressing the other, but at the end of it, it happened as it has happened ever before, just fooled myself. Trying to keep pace with the training which was lost somewhere in 2nd paragraph days passed like dew in the morning sun.

Finally it was the time for adieu, these 2 months I gained new friends which I will remember for my whole life while regretting that I missed many, about whom I’ve heard or just admired from far. They could’ve extended the training or gave us release a day after; they could’ve arranged a get together. Many questions were unanswered, “why she laughed at me”, “why he stared at me” and train took different directions and birdie left for new abode. And here we are still the same, even after one year at TCS dreaming the same, wish I could bring back those days.

Happy Anniversary – 8th December 2008


You would not believe your eyes If ten million fireflies Lit up the world as I fell asleep

'Cause they'd fill the open air And leave teardrops everywhere You'd think me rude But I would just stand and stare

I'd like to make myself believe That planet Earth turns slowly It's hard to say that I'd rather stay Awake when I'm asleep 'Cause everything is never as it seems

'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs From ten thousand lightning bugs As they tried to teach me how to dance

A foxtrot above my head A sock hop beneath my bed A disco ball is just hanging by a thread

I'd like to make myself believe That planet Earth turns slowly It's hard to say that I'd rather stay Awake when I'm asleep 'Cause everything is never as it seems When I fall asleep

Leave my door open just a crack (Please take me away from here) 'Cause I feel like such an insomniac (Please take me away from here) Why do I tire of counting sheep (Please take me away from here) When I'm far too tired to fall asleep

To ten million fireflies I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes I got misty eyes as they said farewell

But I'll know where several are If my dreams get real bizarre 'Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar

I'd like to make myself believe That planet Earth turns slowly It's hard to say that I'd rather stay Awake when I'm asleep 'Cause everything is never as it seems When I fall asleep

I'd like to make myself believe That planet Earth turns slowly It's hard to say that I'd rather stay Awake when I'm asleep 'Cause everything is never as it seems When I fall asleep

I'd like to make myself believe That planet earth turns slowly It's hard to say that I'd rather stay Awake when I'm asleep Because my dreams are bursting at the seams
Songwriters: Young, Adam;

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

if (ILP marks < less than 100)

I will never ever recommend this. So I will not post this article in my blog. But in case your dark side is aroused, here I found this link which might be of interest.

TCS ILP Experience

The initial training days at the top software company Tata Consultancy Services are really enjoyed by the candidates. With having their days spent at exotic locations during the training, the pressure of work and study seems to be absorbed by the immense balance with life at TCS. Here are some of the experiences shared by the candidates themselves:

Kolkata (Haldia)

Have you had any experience? Feel free to share your experience with thousands of waiting readers here.

New York Tornadoes kill thousands

As National Weather Service officials declared Friday that two tornadoes had indeed swept into New York City on Thursday, some tree-lined streets in Brooklyn and Queens looked - at least from the air - like Lego masterpieces that angry children had done their best to sweep aside.

ome were more than a century old but still sturdy and doing their jobs. Many others were young and willowy, just getting going. Some of them were inscrutable; no one truly knew them or how they got there. But others felt like old friends. They were wonderful for their blissful shade, to climb, to simply stare at and admire.

Friday, September 17, 2010

HALDIA! (Should I call it ‘HELL-DIA’ or ‘HAIL-DIA’ ???)

This is a post by Maithreyi. The views expressed are solely of the writer.
This is my first post from Haldia, a small village in the state of West Bengal located about 120kms off Calcutta. You might be wondering about the purpose of my so-called short stint at this place. I am supposedly attending my training at Tata Consultancy Services, a giant in the corporate world (Giant in the literal sense of the word!).You randomly pick a hundred Tom, Dick and Harries from the ever-growing Indian population, atleast 20% of them are bound to be a part of TCS. Am sure all of you are saying, “Dude, cut a slack to the facts and get to the topic”, so “1..2..3..Go”!

I am sure a lot of people attending training would have posted about the nature of training, some maybe even about training especially at Haldia. The very reason I started to blog from our training premises is because I wanted to get over my frustration. So I’ll stick to the positives. Food, Learning and Entertainment is definitely not going to be a part of it. Sorry guys, the less said the better.

Being at Haldia,I’ve learnt to manage things myself,manage finances et all.But, I would have done that anywhere.Whats specially positive about Haldia ? Right,It is a village, but its not all that pollution-free or clean-green.Thanks to the industries.They spew fire 24×7 and contribute to more holes in the already hollow ozonosphere.Nothing positive yet ? Wait for it!

The people are the asset of this village (teenage guys excluded).Innocence personified.Their life is simple and they have no reason to complain.Born and brought up in a city for 22 years, our life looks so complicated when compared to theirs.

* Their only reliable source of transport is the BAN (fish-cart). Its economical,simple,pollution-free and provides quite a work-out.To add,there are no buses beyond 8pm from the township.
* Each house has a pond in its vicinity.Imagine an environment where you can swim in the pond with ducks wading along, rear cows and goats ( the goats are so healthy and plump).
* All the ladies reciprocate a warm smile (I do not know them at all!) and strike a casual talk with us in bengali,quite unlike the Chennai City ladies (No offence,I love Chennai).Just that the people here are naive to think in a crooked manner.Despite telling them “Ami Bangla Jaani Na” (I don’t know bengali!), they still continue their conversations with full vigor.They always wear a wide smile on their cherubic-rotund face.The big red Sindoor adds to the charm :) .But despite the differences between the city and this village, the moment we say,”Didi,aap bahuth sundar hai”, a shy smile crosses the face of the lady.This is universal truth I suppose.
* Despite their poor financial status, they lead a decent,happy & simple life.I haven’t seen a single beggar since the day I came here.They have a potti kadai ( a small shop) with biscuits,sweets,cigarettes,paan (usual stuff) and manage to make a living.

I haven’t seen any teenage girls on the road especially in the evenings.Probably they are not allowed to go outside.Put me in a situation like this,I’ll probably become a terrorist or come down with a heavy nervous breakdown.We city people, have so many expectations.Despite being given everything,having access to anything within minutes, we still complain and grumble about petty things.There is so much to learn from the people here.I still look at my short stint in Haldia as a village exposure trip and not as “training in TCS”.

I am sure all of you are wondering why I call it “Hell-Dia”.Frankly, I have nothing against the place. On the contrary,I quite like this quiet place.Its not bad at all.But, when the basic amenities are a problem, you fail to see things with rose-tinted glasses.After all, come on, I’m human.We have adjusted ourselves to this environment and graciously accepted this mundane lifestyle (**sob**) and the pathetic food.Its not fair enough to blame the place but it would be unfair if I don’t blame TCS,UFS,HIT and the other umpteen people trying to provide services to us and making money in the process.TCS and HIT have struck a high-profit business deal at our cost.It is this fact I’m unable to digest.The fact that TCS is showing step-motherly treatment to the 600 of us at Haldia for no fault of ours is something I can’t swallow.

We were told that our training is a 35 working-day period, but all of a sudden they say, we’ll have to do our stream training here, which means we are stuck here until May.No confirmed news yet.All credit to TCS for their effective and efficient management practices ( I wonder how people give them awards for good management etc.. bang forehead!).Adjustments work only for a short period.The more they prolong, the more we are gonna suffer, the poorer will be our performance. Get it straight TCS!

The only certain thing about TCS is uncertainity.I suggest they change their tagline to “Experience Uncertainty”.It is high time TCS realises and learns good management principles.If not, please tone down your recruitment trends.You are incapable of managing such a huge crowd.

We are just hoping some miracle happens and our release date gets preponed.Meanwhile,we have decided to enjoy the stay at Haldia and try putting up with the conditions here.After all,the Corporate world demands us to be flexible and adaptable.So now its not “Hell-Dia” any longer.Its “HAIL-DIA”, rather “HALE-DIA”!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TCS ILP Training Centre at Haldia Institute of Technology

This is an article by Anupam Pattanayak.
TCS has chosen Haldia Institute of Technology as one of its ILP training centre. This centre can accommodate around 700 TCS Trainee Associates.
8 faculties from CSE, MCA, and IT department of HIT has been inducted as ILP trainer till now. We have to teach Basic Programming Concepts using Dr Scheme programming language, Structured Modeling, OOP concept using Dr Java, OOP implementation. We started taking classes from 31 December.
For these sessions, I had to give so much time for good preparation. Though overall, I am enjoying much these sessions due to the good quality associates (or students !). Only today I got some time to breath - and so I am writing this blog !
TCS Guwahati is mentoring this centre. They took our telephonic interview before inducting us as trainee. Most of the associates are from Tamil Nadu. I am taking sessions for 2 batches. Most of these associates in these 2 batches are from Biotech background. But they are picking up the subject very nicely.

TCS ILP Hyderabad

This is a guest post by Maurya Priyadarshi
It was about an year ago that we were in Hyderabad pursuing our Initial Learning Programme (ILP). I had heard a lot about TCS ILP earlier. Some said it was very tough, some said they learnt a lot, etc etc. We also tried to find out from seniors about the training by mails, scraps etc.
Our joining in TCS was 28th August, 2006. There were lot of formalities to be done for which I had to go home from Bangalore (where I was for the past 2 months after college ;)) Joining date was a reliever as some people had said that joining dates in TCS were very late. After completing the formalities I set off for my first job to never-been-before Hyderabad. Amresh, my college yaar, was with me with similar hopes and ambitions!!!
Even on the train we met a surd who was going to Hyderabad for his job joining at Hyderabad. We curiously asked him about ILP. He said he did not have much problem although he was a mechanical guy. He mentioned some percentage which he scored in the test. We then exchanged a no-reason-why smile.

Reaching Hyderabad
We reached Secunderabad Railway station. Lot of luggage. Discussions with porter. Arguments with Autowalla. Finally we agreed to hire an auto after the senior we met finalized a deal for us. We reached the hotel in which our boarding was arranged. But unluckily we had to part as amresh had to go to the other hotel in which his boarding was arranged. We tried to convince the authorities there for staying together but in vain. I was alloted a room and obviously a roomie. The room appeared quite okay with a TV and no AC. My roomie was from Bhagalpur and soon we found out that we had a common friend. The common friend told him that I was a very good roommate. I knew my roommate was going to be disappointed but I couldn't help :) So the first thing I did was to hunt for the mobile connection with the cheapest STD calling rate and I had it by the end of the day, a Hutch Connection. I also took a top up for Rs 110 which was the first of the infinite recharges that I made in Hyderabad. I took pride in flashing my new mobile handset Nokia 3250 which I got as my b'day gift from my father 10 days back at home. I had planned all my experiments with Bluetooth as I had my lappy also with me. This was the first time I was having a higher end mobile. So I made sure I don't leave anything untried before I leave the place.

The First Day
So the big day was there. 28th of August 2006. We were informed the previous day that the buses will leave at 7. So we got up early at around 5:30. There was so much of noise in the corridor. People hunting for ties, belts, documents etc. Some confused faces asking what all things we can take there. I think I appeared the coolest and the quitest of the lot. I left my room just in time, after completing the morning round of phone talk, only to find a big crowd standing in front of the hotel waiting for the bus. I immediately found out some familiar faces from college. I went and tried to be with them rather than being alone. Everybody looked fresh and new eager to find out what will happen in the day. The buses took us to an undefined location called CMC, the place where our training was supposed to take place. We had our paid breakfast.(I had thought that food will be free for us :( ) I hunted for few more closer friends and ofcourse Amresh.

We then went to CMC classrooms. The classroom number was very different from the ones we had in college. We met the lady over there who was the head of ILP programme and an HR employee of TCS. She had a peculiar smile "all the time". Her smile was so misleading. You would always assume her to be in your side but she was NOT most of the time. She was Indu Nair, the name which was going to be very familiar specially during allocation and reallocation. The document submission part was the most boring one (till then). After which we were transported to some auditorium in Hyderabad University to witness several TCS and TATA documentries. We saw it with interest for the first and the only time. After that we demanded movies when we wanted to sleep with lights off. There were several speeches made by people from TCS. I was impressed at the non-advertising nature of TCS then. Things are quite different now :) Then there were so many essential activities like batch formation, CR election etc conducted by one and only Indu Nair. I was in Batch H-15 with Gunjan and Pandey, the people in my branch from college. Gunjan was a friend and I knew Pandey. At the end of ILP guys in our batch were not ready to believe when I told them that I had never talked to Pandey before ILP. We also had our first and only good lunch at ILP Hyderabad. The food provided here was pure South Indian with some dishes being heard for the first time like the breakfast item "Pesarattu".
We ended the day with some more non-descript items and finally it was time to head back to the hotel. I did not have close friends in my hotel. So I preferred to spend most of my time on phone.

Daily Routine at ILP
The daily routine at ILP was not much different from the first day. We had to get up at 6 and assembled in front of the hotel. Missing the bus was a headache coz CMC was a bit far and the autowaalas charged a bit high. The bus was a luxurious one with FM playing all the time in Telugu. Some sentences by RJs had become familiar though we understood little. Bus journey was too formal because of presence of girls. Everybody acted as to be the most decent one on this earth. Things changed a bit by the end. I usually did not talk except a few welcome greetings to the people I know. Breakfast items were a nightmare. As a result there was a big crowd at Juice corner. Juicewala was overgenerous to the girls. One day I would have hit back at the Juicewala there but I controlled myself. Pandey detested South Indian food so much that he ate very little. He was fond of juice. Then we went to classrooms after my first round of phone conversation.

Classes were usually boring and we generally slept except that of Shradha's. She was our Life Skills faculty. She was very popular coz of her looks and nature. Guys used to be awake with wide open eyes in her class ;) We loved the discussions between Begu and her. Begu was from our college and I knew his name from before. He was a genius. There was nothing in this world that this guy didn't know about. He was very famous for his slow speech. By the way his real name was Ankit Abhishek. Then we had Abhay Sood from our college who was the CR. I don't know how I did not see this guy at college. He was amazing at his activeness and convincing skills. We could not have had a better CR. I generally used to be with Gunjan and Pandey with Begu and Abhay sitting behind/beside us. Gunjan was the AC operator of our batch :) We all got chilled by the overeffective AC but he was the one who always took pain and brought AC remote from somewhere to raise the temperature up. Gunjan and I used to listen to what the teachers said and Pandey fully relied on us both for notes and waking him up if the teacher notices him sleeping. Sometimes Gunjan took the full responsibility of both me and Pandey :D All thanks to Gunjan.

Among the girls in our batch I knew Arpita beforehand as I had met her somewhere in college, I did not remember where... either Java Class or IMS Class or French class. We talked few more times after that in ILP I being very busy with either class or calls :)We are very good friends now in Chennai. We were together in the same Project for 6-7 months. She is very nice as a friend having core Friend and Family values. She has a heart of GOLD. Her caring for others is simply awesome. I came to know a lot of things about ILP from her after the days were over. She told me about my reputation there that I talk too less. Guys... I talk a lot after the ice is broken :) She also told me about her and I was really startled after knowing about the only couple of our batch post ILP. All the best to them!!! And yeah she finally got where we met. It was neither Java, IMS, or French class. It was at the Personality Development Workshop, conducted by Raj Rodrigues of our college, that we were in the same batch :) This was yet another example of her sharp memory about nondescript things :)

TCS ILP at Infocity Gandhinagar

This is a guest post by Bhavin Doshi.

this is my first post from ahemdabad, during my ILP period. today we completed two days in TCS. so now i can proudly say that i too am a TCSer!

we reached here on 25th october. the infocity is located in gandhinagar, and is about a 45 minute drive from ahemdabad railway station. this post now contains two parts: information about infocity, and information about my experience in TCS ILP.

there are various kinds of buildings here, including residential, commercial offices and shops. residential buildings are of studio apartments, flats and bunglows. commercial offices are located in various towers. some of the towers are still under construction. TCS has its office in IT tower 1 and IT tower 3. IT tower 3 is also called as “Nal Sarovar”. i formerly thought that this is some landmark like powai lake, but its just a name of a building. The park is quite big, and its maintained in a very nice way.

we have got accomodation in studio apartments. normally, one apartment is occupied by 4 people. now, there four people are never from the same college. TCS allots random rooms to the people in order to make them communicate with new people and co-ordinate with them. rooms are nicely maintained and are cleaned everyday. i was lucky enough to get accomodation with my college friend shawn, which we both thought as something impossible. the room number is 102 in studio apartments block 5. other two room partners are from manipal university. they joined ILP a month before us, and will complete their training on 19th of november.

there is one canteen contractor who provides food both at IT tower canteen and at studio apartments. quality of food is nice, and i am lucky enough to get jain food too. laundry facility is available with manageable rates.

first thing: tie is compulsary. they said previously that tie is optional, but its not. there are strict security policies here. we are not allowed to carry any media inside ILP centre which includes mobile phones, pen drives, CDs and other electronic media. they have five levels of confidentiality, out of which only first level can be made public (which is there on all the ILP related presentations had confidentiality level 2 which is tcs-internal. this information can only be shared with people inside TCS. so there is hardly anything that i can share here.

we all had various presentations explaining various processes inside TCS. it also explained various portals that we would be using as employee of TCS. then there was information about importance of security rules, copyright rules and punctuality etc. all the sessions were very informative, but sadly only few of them were interesting. rest all were either not very exciting or had obvious information conveyed.

all the batches had size of around 250. hence they were divided in groups, but we are batch of 48 only, so we wont be having more than one group.

TCS has affiliation with HDFC bank, so we are offered customized accounts for our salary and reimbursement accounts. they also offer nice gold debit card and demat card options. almost everything is free of cost, with accounts being zero balance accounts. but the activation takes 7 days. we filled out forms today, so by next tuesday, we should get our accounts activated and ready to use.

its colder here than mumbai, but bearable. the temperature will go down in coming weeks, so then it would be slightly tougher to manage. most people didnt anticipate this and have no warm clothes with them. only i and nikhil loya are having proper warm clothes with us. lets see how it turns out!

Monday, September 13, 2010

PowerPoint Presentations: How to make killer slides

We have all come across presentations, some of them we have found boring to death and struggled to stay awake and some were so enthralling that chills ran down our spine as time passed. No doubt the presenter has a role to play, but the presentation plays the major role in it. Take a look.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Windows 7 Theme and Wallpaper

This is probably the best ever version of operating system released by Microsoft. The looks and feel of this one are better than even Vista. It may be a bit resource hungry but it is surely worth it. It makes the overall appearance much more appealing. Not to mention the high res wallpapers spread all across the net, with which it looks all the more stunning. Get the theme and the wallpapers under the orange fire icon after installing this.

No doubt, after you install and start surfing after few minutes, you will keep on appreciating 1the looks your PC has been gifted with. This theme will take you to as close as you can get to feel Windows 7. Even if it’s a basic task like word processing, you would love to keep working at your desktop or laptop. It’s the visual appeal that counts while using Windows 7, much much ahead and unlike most other earlier versions of Windows.

Will try to keep updating with the latest themes and wallpapers in the same place. This might well be a daunting task as there’s a huge number of wallpapers around, but any how, windows 7 continues to impress me. But am still waiting for Google’s operating system. So keep checking it out. If you have anything to share or suggest anything, you can gladly do so here regarding Windows 7 stuffs, looking forward to making it my primary operating system anytime soon.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

CAT Previous Years Question Papers Instant Download

Click here for latest CAT Format
CAT aspirants are going to find this useful no doubt. Many must have already collected them. Like every other stuff in this blog, this file can be directly downloaded for free in the ‘What’s Hot’ menu in the top under the ‘Downloads’ section.image More sample papers will be updated soon.

For CAT 2010 papers see here. For the tremendous number of visits and downloads in this blog, sometimes there might be hiccups. So just feel free to come back again the next day and download all the stuffs you want.

This CAT is sure going to be a tricky test to go through with all the new improvisations that are being constantly carried out to make it a more versatile and legitimate test.

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C and C* grade colleges getting joining

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This is a good news for all TCS 2010 freshers. Colleges of grades C and C* have started to get joinings. No doubt it would ease the air amongst everyone. The situation is turning out to be really positive with the number of students who are waiting is readily decreasing.