Sunday, September 26, 2010

Predict your TCS ILP Score

The ILP at TCS is a really great time for fresh candidates. A transformation phase between the college life and the brand new professional life. A lot of things are taught and tested during this time.image Candidates have to learn new languages and then have to undergo stream training under various technologies.

People say that this is the best period they spent during their early days at TCS. Indeed, there’s nothing better than having a lot of positivity around you, right? Now there are two tests taken during the training, one is the general one. The second is on the technology the training is conducted in the second phase. The average of the two tests comes into consideration and its good if it is greater than 50%.

So taking into consideration some special factors and scenarios, this tool below will help you to have a glimpse of how you might fare in the tests. There’s no alternative to hard work. So don’t get over-confident or too disheartened by listening to what the tool says. This is just to show you a small path so as to give you a idea where you are headed. Think and slowly answer each of the questions to get your result.

• Have you always loved to finish the syllabus 
no matter what the time left is?
• Are you comfortable with your
programming skills?  
• Are you comfortable with self-study or
is guidance essential?:    
• This might get a little personal,
but how had been your past academic record?    


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