Saturday, September 04, 2010

TCS 2010 Recruited Colleges

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Freshers of 2010 batch who have got joining are no doubt ecstatic. Joining is going on in a really rapid pace, faster than people expected after the recession. With more candidates going to join this world class organization, in the coming year as well, situation is looking imagepretty bright and sunny as of now. 

For those who are still waiting for their joining this year, this list below is going to provide a consolidated view of the current scenario. The list of recruited colleges, the number of recruits and date of receiving offer letter have been suitably filled out. There are also a lot more statistics as you keep scrolling to the right hand side by the scrollbar. This spreadsheet is updated by the information provided by thousands of TCSers across the country. This spreadsheet owes special kudos to Pradeep Alagambhat, a fellow TCSer.


  1. clg is jalpaiguri govt. engg. college ..grade c*...recruitment branch of received ol on 10-06-2010..n e 1 can say probale doj...rplyy.

  2. hi........ my colj.. MIT Pune.. grade B......
    still to get date of joining.......
    please reply....

  3. hi frnds and my future TCS mates...
    i am from Bapatla Engg Coll (AP),hyd recruiting branch. i have received my offer letter too..but i have one problem.when i receive my OL which is sent by portal, it says year of passing is required. but when i entered my right year of passing(2010) it give error. and shocking is with 2009 it is accepted. from then onwards my portal wont be updated.

    what will i do,,,please suggest me i have in a big problem.

  4. hi friends
    i faced my interview on 1st of sept in vardhaman college hyderabad and got mail from TCS on 19th sept carrying news that i got selected.
    spread sheet reveals that previous drive at vardhaman college is for ITIS can any one tell me whether drive on sept 1st at vardhaman college is for IT or ITIS.

  5. Hi.. We, (from A.C.College of Engg. and Tech., Karaikudi) received offer letter on June 18, 2010. But here, in this blog, its displayed as 7172010 (July 17)?! TCS recruited from GCE, Tirunelveli after finishing interview in our college (Both are C grade colleges). But, we have not yet received any info. On what basis, our joining date will be given? And when can we expect?

  6. hi my name is ajit sing from pesce mandya, a C grade colege, recruiting branch bangalore. we received our ol on 23 july. can nebody help me with probable doj. pl replyyyy

  7. hello, my friend Ambuj was placed in TCS through an off-campus drive at SJBIT Bangalore on 4th sept and received his offer letter on 24th sept. Can anybody please help us with what could be his joining date. pl replyyy

  8. Hi... I got selected in TCS from on-campus "Krupajal Engineering College,bbsr" recruiting branch kolkata. My offer letter dated 11/06/2010.
    Can you help me out, what will be the probable date of joining.

  9. hi frds i wanna know wen will off campus people will get joining.............
    in this yr or may be next yr???

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hi, I am Satma Vijay.
    My college(LBS Institute of technology for Women) is of C grade(Chennai Rec. Branch). When will i receive my call letter.I have been waiting for the past 4 months.... I am bored sitting at home.

  12. does all offcampus students get ITIS profile??

  13. hello, my friend srinivas was placed in TCS through an off-campus drive at vardhman hyderbad on 20th sept and received his offer letter on 27th sept. Can anybody please help us with what could be his joining date. pl replyyy


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