Monday, September 20, 2010

TCS ILP Ahmadabad

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This is a guest post by Akash. The views expressed are solely of the writer.

I was called by TCS for training on 24th September(2 months ago). Initially I was hesitating as I don’t want to enter into this bad corporate world. But I had to join so I joined.

Training phase of TCS is called as ILP(Initial Learning program) . I am from Gandhinagar AHD01 A05 batch . ILP started with word “Professional Behaviour”. Everything what to do and what not to do in the corporate world was in the context of this so called “Professional Behaviour”. This word was so frequently used and followed during initial days of ILP that it created fear in my mind.But later on this fear was vanished as I started following many of corporate rules and if I was not following them then I was practicing loop holes of that system. In this way I was prepared to behave like a responsible corporate citizen in the corporate world .
Actually ILP is like a corporate college. There you have everything . Classrooms , batches , labs, canteen etc .You can use it but just we have to follow “Professional Behaviour”.
Technical learning during ILP was not that much good since everything was covered in engineering. But the Life Skill sessions were great.These LS sessions were for teaching “Professional Behaviour” to us. In the initial days I felt that these sessions are like virus programs which are affecting all trainee but later I realized that those were essential updates to our system to survive into this corporate world.Initially they started with a batch of 36(49) individuals and they converted it into a team of 36 (49)team members respecting every ones individuality. They made us to believe that ‘together everyone achieves more’ .
Apart from all these professional things I learnt many new things one of them was I learning other regional languages.I learnt (kuncham kuncham )Tamil not thoroughly but now at least I can manage with tamilians. I also tried to learn Bengali . I learnt some key words from Bengali . I learnt some Punjabi words. I also tried for Bhojpuri. Here during ILP i experienced nearly all cultures of India. we exchanged thoughts , we exchanged cultures . We come to know about different traditions of different cultures. ILP gave me a chance to interact with all kind of people from all corners of India.
Apart from all these , the most precise thing which ILP has given to me is “Friends”. In these 2 months I got uncountable number of new friends.
Before ILP I believed that in this bad corporate world there are no ethics, no friends, no fun and all. but here I met sweetest people of my life . Everyone was always full of fun. Everyone was always ready to give helping hand. This bad corporate world seemed to be really sweet.
If returning back to home made everyone happy ,on the next moment departing from such a wonderful friends made everyone sad. I wish this ILP lasted longer. These best memories will be saved in my heart forever.
Initially this ILP phase is like a Cactus and we are the thorns of it but later on we converted this ILP phase into a Lotus . Now we can smell deep fragrance of this Lotus.
Thank you all for all this .


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