Monday, September 20, 2010

TCS ILP Bhubaneswar

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This is a guest post by Ashish. The views expressed are solely of the writer.

Hi Friends
This blog is related to those TCS fresher who are going to join for ILP Phase.
I did my engineering from SRM University and placed in TCS at 2008 and got my joining at TCS Bhubneshwar on 27th Dec 09 for ILP Training for 45 days.
I am sharing my experience of ILP phase which may be very cruciel for them.
ILP Training in TCS is just like a paid training.
we used to stay at STAR CITY , a underconstruction flat but nice Rooms with all Comforts.
On 27th dec 09 we attended at KIIT auditorium for documents verfication(PAN Card, Degree,Affidavit etc) for next 2 days.After that our classes start at Koel Campus , KIIT.
Classes consists of 45 days includes 2 compulsory test (EC1 & EC2) and Brain Bench etc.
Both the test EC1 & EC2 are utmost important to get arrgegate 50% marks out of 200.
EC1 consists of programmimg language where only error finding , output of prg are to be asked in test.Dont go for programmimg smart study only and go for the only ppt which were given by TCS , it is more than enough.
EC2 consists of Java .Get ur concepts more clear on Encapculation, Aggregation, Association ,Normalization and little bit concept of programming on Java.
Question will related to theory not like EC1.
In both Test u have to score above 50% aggregate.I got 97% and finally qualify for the phase 2 training at base center .
Finally i got my posting at Delhi and our training ends at 18th feb 10.
Overall TCS ILP training is something like smart training and tough for those who dreams that now TCS will not kick them out.....JUST BE SERIOUS AS TIME REQUIRED....U WILL ENJOY LIFE AT TCS.


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