Monday, September 20, 2010


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For last four weeks I am at TCS ILP in Noida only. TCS have outsourced this facility to Almamate and most of our needs are answered by this statement only. The experience till now is worst and everybody is thinking that they are teaching us to spend time on bench, a very common thing at TCS when they don’t have any project for an employee. Most of the classes here are self-learning and we are doing really good in it by learning new games and doing some new activities, but nothing had ever sufficed to pass the whole day.

Usually our day start by getting late by a few minutes and than we used to enchant guard to put our time under limits, however he never did this. Than we move on to our class however, our seats are always preoccupied and we behaves like khanabadosh to get some new seats, in my luck I always got the seat whose IP address is blocked and I go and ask for it to unblock, this really made me popular among the administrator department of Almamate, but this is unused, and the disadvantage is that whenever any wrong thing happens they call me and ask me to class, too much of the work and especially when nobody is ready to listen. Like the IP address most of the sites are blocked, they have blocked our all fun and even our mails and they say we are there employees, its really hard to say this thing from our side as they didn’t give our salary for the fortnight we worked.

They say it is the most rigorous period at TCS, and I am shocked by the work that we have. Its actually sitting idle for more than 6 hours in a day, but as we have taught in our childhood that one should find positive things even in a worst of the situation, so even in this situation we learn a great thing and that is the statement we have been taught is wrong! Wow, its a big discovery in itself, not every bad happening can bring some joy with it or anything like that, this time we seriously don’t able to find anything good, but I hope this will really be good for our future and as TCS says it is really useful for us to have smooth transition from campus life to office life and as per them we can be at ‘there’s standard’ I don’t know what standard they define at such a huge salary that they pay us to.

Ohh! I forget to mention the worst part of the story and its they treat us like school children, we have to be properly uniformed, or say technically, well groomed, we have to wear tie all the time and we should be ready for our senior’s reprove at anytime, they can burst whenever they wish like.

Freedom@TCS-ILP is actually denied and we can’t even go to the cafeteria downstairs even in the self-learning sessions, we can’t talk on phones and they have advised us to keep it switched off! And yes, only thing you will find is boredom. There is one positive point and it is some of our becoming good friends but in such a small time I still stagnant on the point of friendship as most of us even never be together again but yes lets grasp the moments and try to enjoy all the moments that we have as these are the last moments we have as friends and last breaths to hold the schooling feeling anymore, yes now I can say, we can really find some positive points in any thing we dare to think.


  1. Hi Rahul,

    My name is Dipti. I have been selected for ILP too. I am still waiting for my joining date. I appreciate it that you have written your thoughts here as not many people bother once they are actually a part of the company. I have yet to get my city for ILP and I am really anxious to get it in Noida. Can you tell me if TCS will give me the option to choose Noida centre or it will be as they have pre determined. Thanks for your comments, please keep sharing your experiences if possible.

  2. Hi Dipti,

    TCS might or might not give Noida as your center. It all depends what policy they are following currently in ur location and also what type of projects are underway. But you can certainly voice your preference to them


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