Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TCS ILP Training Centre at Haldia Institute of Technology

This is an article by Anupam Pattanayak.
TCS has chosen Haldia Institute of Technology as one of its ILP training centre. This centre can accommodate around 700 TCS Trainee Associates.
8 faculties from CSE, MCA, and IT department of HIT has been inducted as ILP trainer till now. We have to teach Basic Programming Concepts using Dr Scheme programming language, Structured Modeling, OOP concept using Dr Java, OOP implementation. We started taking classes from 31 December.
For these sessions, I had to give so much time for good preparation. Though overall, I am enjoying much these sessions due to the good quality associates (or students !). Only today I got some time to breath - and so I am writing this blog !
TCS Guwahati is mentoring this centre. They took our telephonic interview before inducting us as trainee. Most of the associates are from Tamil Nadu. I am taking sessions for 2 batches. Most of these associates in these 2 batches are from Biotech background. But they are picking up the subject very nicely.


  1. d training der gud??? pls share some more info reagrding haldia??

  2. hey...ny1 who got joining place at haldia...i want to know aboute haldia ILP..plzz share some information...

  3. The ILP Center is pretty decent and you can also check out some of the posts under the category Kolkata at the top for some vibes in the place.


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